A guide to some of the language you might hear tossed around.

Bootonly -- An item which only appears on startup or reboot of the server and then every 36 hours or so after it was last gotten by a player.

Buffed -- When the Imms make an object or character class stronger and better. See also "twinked".

Charmie -- A creature that has been charmed by a character to do their bidding. Often is a summoned or created creature such as demons, wyrms, and zombies.

Copyover dance -- A ritual performed originally by Parin and Sabriel whenever Drey or Kheldar introduced new code. Less popular people are doing it these days.

Dar -- Coined by Roland, this means whatever you need or want it to -- it can be a reply of agreement, an exclamation, whatever. Dar.

Eq -- Equipment. Also a command.

Flaming Naked Barbarian Ninja Rage -- Closest approximation (we didn't document it at the time) to a phrase coined by Kheldar to describe when an otherwise easy kill of a mob suddenly goes spastic and in 2-3 blows takes you from a very high number of hitpoints to dead. It's not pretty.

Haga -- A misspelling of "haha" by Random one day that just kind of stuck.

Imms -- The people in the WHO list with "Archwizard", "Wizard", "Fable" or "Myth" next to their name. These are the people who code and operate and build the game.

Legend -- A mortal of maximum level. There's not too much left to do once you reach Legend

Lowbie -- A low level character. They are not necessarily newbies but may be.

Mobile -- Coined by Richard Bartle, co-author of the first MUD, it's shorthand for "mobile object", as the first mobiles weren't much better then walking blocks of wood. Also abbreviated as "mob"

Nerfed -- When the Imms change something about an object, usually negatively.

Newbie -- (Also 'newb'). A player who is totally new to MUDs. They often use the CHAT line when TELL or SAY would do, seem incapable of using HELP, do not use the NOTE system, and spend a lot of time begging for equipment. Not all newbies do this, mind you, but enough do to form a stereotype.

Noobie -- (Also 'noob'). A newbie that either refuses to learn or seems unable to.

Object -- An item in the game.

Proc -- See "spec".

"Pulled a Serivik" -- To log on to UD and immediately begin some mad idling, yo. Sleight does this a lot now too and Serivik doesn't even bother showing up to idle any more.

Spec -- Shorthand for "special code". Rooms, Mobiles and Objects can have specs. Mobs with specs include Nathraichaen and the Violator. Objects with specs include sapphire rings and the Amulet of Var. Rooms with specs have mostly been in the holiday areas to make squeaking doors and the like.

Thorin -- An exceptionally bad player from the wildnerness of Canada. Players are sometimes compared to Thorin to indicate their performance stinks.

Twinked -- Someone or something that has been buffed to ungodly amounts of power. Also a derogative to throw at anyone who beats you when you don't want to admit to having poor skills.

Wall Candy -- Penny Arcade put it best, really. It's a reference to the mental problems eating lead can cause and that not only is lead sweet, it used to be in all paint. Of course, now we recognize it as a health risk, but most older homes have a layer of lead paint waiting to flake off.