Dran , Shadow's Vengeance

As you look to the North, you notice what seems the be the sun
itself walking towards you. As the tall figure gets closer and closer you
realize that's its just a man in the most extraordinary set of armour you
have ever seen. Ever bit of his body is covered in some kind of Gold
armour, and every inch of that armour is encrusted with the most beautiful
rubies, emerald's, and diamonds the world
has ever seen. He is known as Dran, the king of
-=Imperium=- and his mere pressence makes you shiver
uncontrollably in sheer fear. His conquests are legendary, and it is said
that when he decides to conquer a neighboring land, no man, woman, or child,
is left alive by the time the war is over. He controls all of his
territories from the legendary Jaguar temple to the northeast, and it is
said that he holds ritual sacrifices on the top of the temple to the
sun god, Tezcatlipoca. He claims to be the direct
descendant of this legendary god and the mythical Golden
Pheonix which flys around him during battle shielding him
from enemies is said to be a gift from the sun god himself which
makes you think that maybe he is a descendant of the god. As he comes closer
towards you, you are forced into a bow by the numerous men surrounding him
and are not allowed to stand again until the Great King is out of sight.