Brewmaster Dramikar : Absinthe-minded

An unusually tall grey dwarf stands completely hidden beneath a black robe
and a matching cape. A long, forked, braided beard hangs low and is tucked
into his belt. An arcane rune has been carefully stitched onto the cape. A
small symbol of a red hand surrounded by black flames is on the robe. Black
breeches extend from the endless folds in his robe with a large ornately
carved shin guard strapped onto each leg. Finely crafted boots adorn his
feet and are soundless with each step he takes. The boots seem to scorch
the earth where he walks, leaving its impression on the world for ages yet
born to see. He quickly checks the leather tong on his side to make sure
his axe is secure and at the right angle for fast retrieval. His eyes flash
red as he tightens the robe about his sturdy frame and walks passed you. A
slight burning stench lingers in the air after his passing.