No, this isn't a poll to introduce a new class or anything like that. Just vote for your favorite.

1 Pirate! 10
2 Ninja! 9
Votes cast: 19

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johto (2007-07-23 10:35:00) Post Reply
You may think pirates are lame, but that's because you have seen them before. If you'd seen a ninja before you'd know they reign supreme!

By the way when you do a google search for pirate the first thing that comes up is

For ninja

You tell me which is cooler...?

rahvin (2007-06-28 21:34:06) Post Reply
Pirates are just funnier, so I chose them. I am not totally sure what this poll was for. All it say's is pick one, so I could have picked either and it would mean nothing. But since I think pirates are more interesting in thier anarchist ways, over ninja's traditional, some what monarchy ways, they seem to be the best choice. If the poll was on who would win a battle, we all know guns beat swords but the argument that ninja's wouldnt ever be seen is strong, though not all ninja's are successful so you need more to back that up.

      panic (2007-07-10 08:46:22) Post Reply
      I like both, you should make a hibrid. Call it a pinja or a ninrat.

            rahvin (2007-07-24 19:14:54) Post Reply
            sounds good how about the classic Flaming Naked Barbarian Ninja

Dramikar (2007-06-24 19:18:59) Post Reply
This entire poll was actually a ninja trick. Now that all the self-proclaimed pirates have given their location, they shall be dispatched.

honey (2007-06-22 09:55:17) Post Reply
Pirates are not nice. Ninjas are bad too. But I voted for pirates because they use ships which are in the water, with seagulls. I like seagulls, so I voted for pirates.

      calypso (2007-10-08 20:30:35) Post Reply

raize (2007-06-20 16:35:24) Post Reply
Not anymore they aren't. Heheh.

Oh, and... YARRR!

      Covack (2007-06-20 17:02:15) Post Reply
      Ninja's are better at killing, and Pirates live a life of pillaging, fun, and it's a trade-off.

Drey (2007-06-20 14:12:05) Post Reply
Can't believe those lame ass ninjas are in the lead!