Are you less inclined to make comments on polls, now that you can vote in-game and do not have to visit the web site?

1 Yes 7
2 No 10
Votes cast: 17

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honey (2006-12-04 11:13:55) Post Reply
I usually /always/ have something to say....mosta time it is
not important or not very well-received. With this, I can carry on. My hope is that, at the least, my comments serve as a catalyst for discussion that /does/ make sense. ;) To me, discussion is worth the time it takes to do.

singko (2006-11-29 03:26:03) Post Reply
the website rules, although i dont like the window scroll in window thing, it really cuts down how much space i have to read on my browser. i love comments people need to make more of them, except about cute things, we must destroy them

      Drey (2006-11-30 12:52:47) Post Reply
      I'm thinking about redoing the website again. I'm not sure I like how it turned out either and Bela gave me this kickass new logo that won't work with this site design.

Dramikar (2006-11-28 20:04:10) Post Reply
Not for me. If I have something to say, I'll say it. We have in-game notes and can send TELLs, but this is the proper place to say your piece and keep it on topic. If you are reading this and prefer notes/TELLs, think about the site as a place for publicly recording your points. It also helps everyone flesh out their own ideas/opinions. Just something to think about.