I am considering changing which classes can summon, animate or charm, and to what extent they can do it. As an example, mages can gather a small army of many charmed mobs right now and warlocks can animate many dead. Being able to control mobs from the game has caused numerous bugs over the years with quests, special code on the mobs, and other headaches.

The alternative to this system would be the summoning classes getting fewer mobs they can control that only exist to be controlled by a summoner. Charm Person would go away completely, as an example, and mages would get some replacement spell that summoned a minion.

In a game model where there are fewer minions, each minion could be give special abilities in terms of attack or defense of it's summoner, similar to what the (random) elementals do for mages right now. You'd be trading off a small mob of meat shields for a small number (1-3) of summons that have abilities beyond being meat shields.

1 I like the current system 2
2 Anything is better than what we have now 4
3 This new idea is interesting, I need to hear more 12
Votes cast: 18

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singko (2006-11-29 03:20:42) Post Reply
please dont take away the only cool thing my mage has left to cling on to. being able to make my own army and take out dragons is one of my favorite things to do. i can do it alone, which is nice cause alot of times people arent willing to help or want something out of it. i dont think the current amount of charmies is too much either. i think its right where it needs to be. I dont want generic charmies, i like being able to choose my mobs. sometimes ill charm "meat shield" mobs for fun just cause the name is cool, not becaue im obsessed with power. if any class should be able to "solo" (in reality isnt a solo NPC's should get some credit) it should be the mage's thing. If said 3 useful charmies were substantial enough for me to kill Ddraigan or whatever then its fine with me but i am going to miss being able to charm a drunkin master, or a poop elemental, or whoever my imagination feels would be funny to bring to the clan hold and have preform emotes/says

      Calypso (2006-12-09 09:32:57) Post Reply
      Hehe these guys...how about it's both solo and not solo, let's pretend that we're all right for once.

      Dramikar (2006-11-29 11:18:23) Post Reply
      From what I understand, the new charmies wouldn't really be generic since they'd have specific abilities that they could use and not all classes would get the same ones.

As for being able to solo, I don't think dragons should be solo-able and you even said as much in a previous poll ;)

I agree about liking to have an army of priests or rabbits, but on the whole this isn't much in the face of the new changes.

            singko (2006-11-30 23:58:49) Post Reply
            also what the hell are you takling about, try quoteing me not saying i said something i didnt to bend your arguement how ever you want it

                  Dramikar (2006-12-01 01:26:01) Post Reply
                  First off, take a deep breath. Secondly, I did not address single points so quoting is was not needed. My comments were merely an extension of your post.

            singko (2006-11-30 23:56:52) Post Reply
            You miss my point, ITS NOT A SOLO, I HAVE AN ARMY, taking that away would make mages crap. AS far AS generic goes, it would be something that comes from the caster, not something you hunt down to charm

                  Drey (2006-12-01 11:44:41) Post Reply
                  No, it's solo. Ddraigwen and certain other mobs were never intended to be soloed BY A PLAYER regardless of how many helpers they had. These were intended to be multi-player targets. Due to equipment getting out of hand AND being able to amass small armies, players can do something that the Imms never intended.

                  Dramikar (2006-12-01 01:26:55) Post Reply
                  A single player is "solo". Obviously you have the army hence this entire discussion.

Dramikar (2006-11-28 20:02:07) Post Reply
Ok, honestly, I didn't quite understand some of the pointswording in this poll. I get removing "charm person" and like that idea (not really "person" any more due to abuse anyway). Having mobs actually add something to the group/party is highly desireable (much like the mentioned elementals). Having fewer mobs ... well, meat-shields are really cool. However, the amount we get is truely ridiculous (need smaller caps). Having fewer would cut down on spam, upkeep, time on creating ... perhaps others for no substantial help. So, by getting rid of the numbers and gaining mob-auras/skills (whatever is Drey's idea here; specifics weren't given) sounds like a really good idea.

If I didn't specifically mention a topic (charm person, elemental auras, charmed numbers) then I probably didn't catch that part in the poll. On the whole though, I'm in strong favor of the proposed change -- at least as I understand it.

      Drey (2006-12-01 11:53:58) Post Reply
      Based on the number of "Yes" and "Maybe" votes I'll be having to expand on this.