So, I am thinking about changing the Animate Dead spell -- more of a remove, then a change, really.

Instead of having to kill things and then animate them, it would either be more Dialo-ish where a body had to be present but you got a generic skeleton, or I'd require you visit a graveyard to cast the spell (there's a few of these in the game already).

The reason for this proposed change is right now every mob in the game has to be marked for if it can be raised or not. Those that can't become goo, those that can become corpses. Newer areas are properly marked, older areas are not. Either options works with this; you wouldn't get "zombie of Balor" or "zombie of Some Zombie That Didn't Goo" -- you'd get "this undead thing that showed up because I had a body to sacrifice."

If I made this change, the benefit to me is obvious -- I don't have to fix all of those old areas. The benefit to you is obvious also -- the skeletons you raise would be tied to your level, not the mob, so you could just pop over to any corpse (or graveyard) and raise your charmies fast, Fast, FAST!

1 Leave it alone 1
2 Need to find a corpse to raise 5
3 Need to find a graveyard to raise 11
Votes cast: 17

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lyle (2006-11-29 03:09:35) Post Reply
i like the way zombies are now, but the change sounds cool. it could alieve the players of some walking clear to firegiants to get some good zombies when they could just go to the graveyard outside of karandras. PLus that area is always slow, nobody goes there except to pass through. i think a mix of both choices would be good, as in diablo you could have magic skels, and reg skels, maybe adding multiple types

Dramikar (2006-11-28 19:56:27) Post Reply
I'm in favor of anything that cuts down on admin work. If it's easier for the admin, it'll most likely be or at least feel easier for a player. I like the matching of mob level to player level, the lack of blow-ups with random weird crap, and the added control of having a special, generated mob (mentioned in the other poll).