So ... are priests overpowered compared to all other classes? Inquiring minds want to know.

Try to vote impartially and not just because you either have an uber-cleric or have been omgwtfpwned multiple times by an uber-cleric.

1 Yes, a lot 5
2 Yes, some 10
3 Unsure 5
4 Not much 2
5 Not at all 1
Votes cast: 23

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singko (2006-11-29 03:05:46) Post Reply
I think other classes just need to be buffed, or clerics need a small nerf. Takeing parry away might make a good difference. I still think melee classes like Mercenary and Warrior are getting the shaft, the only thing that makes them good classes is that in a group they are awsome. Class's should all have thier ups and downs, balancing them against eachother is impossible. i sorta hate it, but i think it works best this way. there has to be some sort of food chain.. if clerics werent as powerful as they are now then shaman or ascetic would be too powerful. eventually we'll all be nerfed down to size and we'll have to group in order to kill contessa. i would find that quite insulting. maybe im getting carried away here, i still see a chance for other classes to be tweeked and a couple skills, one being fseed, being changed to fit the tweeks.

Dramikar (2006-11-28 19:53:40) Post Reply
I don't have a cleric myself so I went with "unsure". A lot of this seems to be related to Raize. If we do have characters that are taking on dragons solo then we have a problem and I'd say nerf. If it is Raize, at least for the most part, then I'd say we have a problem with eq and player stats.

As a side-note, it is going to be a shame that people are too lazy to jump over here to voice their opinions. I hope they like the resulting changes seeing how they have no input leaving it up to Drey to implement however he wishes.

      Sleight (2006-12-01 22:53:06) Post Reply
      Dramikar, I'd say this is more along the lines of Arylox showing us the class. Untill now, nobody has put any time into trying to kill people with a Cleric besides Lyle. And Lyle's pretty damn tough too. Besides the Cleric being a total pk king, he can drop just about any mob in the MUD single handed too. This is a general class observation, and not just based on Arylox. With Proc gear, and Hammer of wotan on average they generally do more damage than alot of melee'rs, so frequently the fights end with the Cleric having a large part of his health left, still.

It seems to me most tanks should obviously have the benefit of easier leveling, and taking most mobs. Melee'rs generally have the benefit of the pkshift and slower leveling. Lately this hasn't been the case at all. Besides that, Clerics are generally for group assist, not pwning the n00bs with my harm yo.

So yeah, I voted Yes, Alot. Because it's what I believe, and that's why.

            singko (2007-01-28 03:47:27) Post Reply
            Its possible for a good player to stay in a fight with a Cleric for longer than a normal fight, because a cleric balances its life against a normal atteacker. If you get lucky with melee going off and a cleric's doesnt have his sanctuary then you can drop him. This doesnt happen often because sanc is so easy to obtain. The cleric just stays healthy and waits to slowly, or quickly drain the oppenent depending on how much resistance they have. I don't think there can be a happy medium with lifeflow because of resistances. Its a seesaw, im willing to bet any small amount of change in lifeflow will end up being double because of how the skill works. Lifeflow works on how much damage you put out, nerf flow and you dont get enough life back because oyu do shit for damage in the first place. My point is the return life is the butter, if you made the life returned affected by another stat, say health and focus, endurance, then a cleric would be concerned with that stat, thus lowing the amount of defence he has to increase his lifeflow. Twisting the code may cause a player to nerf himself to obtain more lifeflow. Im not suggesting making ae bonus with health ect, but to make it so you need at least X amount health to get 100 percent lifetap. Larger the requirement to have 100 percent, the smaller the negative. So if you need 1000 health to get max, then if you were at 500, you would have 75 percent total lifeflow, 1000 is high though considering the health eq in the game. 500 still seems more suiting. So if you have 250 you only get 75, and so on i m sure the coder could make it way smarter than my numbers, but its the general idea of making lifeflow reflect the players stats rather than being the ultimate skill

Grenkar (2006-11-28 16:19:55) Post Reply
This is a subject I'm torn on. On the one hand, my main alt is a cleric. On the other hand, I can take Nath. I think any class that can take any of our super dragons alone is too strong. So, at the risk of nerfing myself, I think clerics are a little overpowered.

      singko (2007-01-28 03:52:55) Post Reply
      the big dragons are too weak, thats the main issue here. Plus you use a bunch of buffs to kill them, its not like you are just walking around slaying the biggest mob in the game, you are preparing, using all the best buffs you can, then attacking at will. Ive seen enough deaths from clerics trying to solo these mobs to know its not 100 percent win, sometimes you can get your heals working and you just melee them down til thier manashield runs out them you attack them and win, its part stratagey part outside of class buffs. Show me one cleric with lifeflow sanctuary warmth, steel skin, only, that can drop DD and i will shut up

Saxar (2006-11-27 20:29:11) Post Reply
Wow, for once no one has said anything.. Must not care that much about clerics.. I did notice they use to be stronger.. Haven't used mine in a while so I guess I'll have to test that out.. I think they have some pointless skillz though.

      Drey (2006-11-28 15:50:31) Post Reply
      There's a new way to participate in polls done in-game now, Saxar, so it could be that a side-effect of this is no one is going to comment now. :-(