If I coded a way to view the last 'x' news posts to the website from inside of UD, would you be interested, or would it be a waste of my time?

1 Yes, I'd use it. 4
2 No thanks, don't waste your time. 5
Votes cast: 9

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Drey (2006-11-25 19:40:13) Post Reply
I'm going to table this as "not really worth doing."

Drey (2006-11-22 23:02:04) Post Reply
Yeah, the votes are leaning away from this idea and really, it's not a great one. I'm just addicted to adding database calls to the game now. ;-)

Serivik Post Reply
I have UD set as my homepage, so I get the latest news on a regular basis just by opening Firefox. You usually leave notes in-game if an event is newsworthy, too, so it seems like it would be redundant.

Cynric Post Reply
I like the idea of stuff moving into the db, just not sure that particular element (news) would be useful in its current state.