I've been wondering how good of an idea donation pits really are. They tend to fill up with junk fast and don't often have useful stuff for lower level players anyhow. I've got a few ideas on the table of what I can do with them.

1 Leave them in. 8
2 Remove them. 2
3 Remove the non-clan pits. 2
4 Put a decay timer on stuff in them. 2
5 Put a decay timer on stuff in non-clan ones. 3
Votes cast: 17

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Drey (2006-11-22 23:28:31) Post Reply
Final remarks:

People seem overwhelmingly in favor of leaving them in at some level. I may have to redo this poll with options tailored specifically to "how shall I leave them in". I'm fond of the idea that stuff in the pits slowly goes away. I wonder if the pit would be so necessary if the mobs in town sold anything worth having.

darok Post Reply
I liked the non-clan pits when I was leveling my lowbie alts (before the trading of alt equipment was legal) I usually found something helful in the Karandras pit or the Barastrr pit. I say keep those. Since the game has been kind of slow paced, the clan pits aren't really used very much because of hardly anyone playing. I think the pits all together are useful and the only reason right now they seem unused is because they kind of are with nobody playing to use them. I've seen some more lowbie action lately so I think they could be back in action :P. Keep the pits!......

Calypso Post Reply
I say we should leave them in and just limit what should be allowed in the pits, because at the biginning pit, if you don't at least have newbies and such throwing their stuff into a pit it's going to just be sittin there in the room taking up space, which is probably not only going to make me mad to have to sacrifice useless equipment 24/7. As for the other pits I think it should really be based on the level of the area. That's about all I've got to say about that.

cephas Post Reply
well i could post a reply to afew posts on here, cos am agreeing with most areas. i think if you were to put a decay onto the pit of 2-3 day old equipment would mean there'd be a turnover in the pit, but would still give people an oppertunity to dive thru. also if you were to make all herbs and all skulls !donate, it would take out alot of the items in the pits. if people need a skull, all they need to do is go kill a beggar or three. even lowbies can do that. but the idea of a skull pit would also work, but would need to depend on whether the imms wanted to write one or not

jive Post Reply
In a world where everything was perfect, Honey's idea would be in action. "Smart Pits" would rule the realm with thier AI's decideing what and how many of an item is worth having in the pit depending on the stats on the item. But in the broken world we live in, crashes and trash contaminate our beloved donation pits. Leaving players like me picking through them, making them useable again. A timer would be a good idea, depending on how it worked. If it identified each item indivdually, rather then just clearing "all" every so often. From the votes it seems pits will stay, but if Drey overrides the vote- we should at least get a skull pit.

honey Post Reply
Of course...if the pits cause system problems there is no question of them 'poofing'. A agree with a comment that they are good to 'dumpster dive' into, lol. I think it is useful beyond this, in that I have found that examining an unusual item has caused me to want to find and explore the area from which it comes. This, leads to more adventuring.

Basically too, grabable items at times, give lowbies some chance of success while they are finding things (otherwise) on their own.

Possibly some flags could be put into the pits so that (as example) no re-forged items can be donated. Also consider a limit on quantity of items eg: 3 (x) herbs, skulls, etc.

Lastly, and perhaps for many, donating to the pit gives a feeling of the 'satisfaction of giving' that is basic to our makeup :)

Thorn Post Reply
Well, I think they should stay in. I have a few alts that I use and I pick stuff out of the pits all the time.

Serivik Post Reply
I haven't played a mort in a long while, but I've used stuff out of the public pit on many occasions and certainly the clan pits are extremely useful for sharing good items amongst clan members. If all pits had a decay timer, it would keep them from filling up but still be there to give people options. Best of both worlds, methinks.

Drey Post Reply
I'm all in favor of removing them, personally. The pits have contributed to so many crashes that it's not even funny.

      Gotrek Post Reply
      Well, I like the pits when/if I use them. Mostly carry stuff on myself but suppose if they are gone and since players can eq share, one person can just make an alt to hold all the eq they want. Then share it. I'd like to hear some of the ideas you had though instead of pits?

      Serivik Post Reply
      Well, when you put it that way, it makes sense to remove them. I still think they're a nice and potentially helpful feature, though.

            Raize Post Reply
            I agree with Serivik for the most part. I'd just leave them in. Aside from the crashes there's no real harm in having them, and they're certainly useful in some instances. I usually check the pits in Karandras and Barasttr when I make a new alt just to see if there's anything interesting in there, and often times there is. I would, however, like to see them get a new desc. I'm tired of hearing about Doz and his shrine to Eru. =P

                  Drey Post Reply
                  The pits also have the problem that they fill up and no new stuff can go to them, so whatever is in them is whatever will be in them until someone removes stuff.