Favorite Immortal

1 Kheldar 11
2 Ming 1
3 Drey 12
4 Bela 1
5 Aldous 2
6 Gabriel 0
7 Event 3
8 Cowboy Neal 3
Votes cast: 33

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Blasko Post Reply
I eat peices of shit like Drey for breakfast!!!

      Magnus Post Reply
      You eat pieces of sit for breakfast?!?!

Keltria Post Reply
Event killed my dad...

Phil Post Reply
If you don't vote for Kheldar he might sit on you... Honestly he's really really fat, he eats everything in site than whines until you get him more food. He's the fattest person that plays on this MUD for sure (and I don't know very many of you).
Hey Kheldar, did you know you're fat? HEY FATTY!!!

      Kheldar Post Reply
      Hahaha, you wish. I'm a scrawny 5'10", 140 pounds. Looks like the Violator's going to be getting some action soon though...

Bevis Post Reply
I can't decide... Is it wrong to vote using all my characters?
I could vote for everyone! :)

Clerica Post Reply
Ming, Ming, the magical imm, the more you masturbate, the more you're like him. Beware! Everytime you masturbate, God kills a kitten.

Tuvok Post Reply
What ever!
Cowboy Neal does all the work, he's the best!

Drey Post Reply
It's me, hands down. The other Imms are posers.

      Aldous Post Reply
      I killed Drey once... i think... Then I smoked his buttcheeks

      laquien Post Reply
      I don't care who it is as long as nobody votes for Event

            Event Post Reply
            Nobody will, everyone thinks I suck. They are probably right.