How useful is it to be able to buy stuff from vendors that another player sold? Have you ever even done it? Heck, did you even know you could do this?

I decided to go with the first option; I considered votes for #3 as votes for #1, since it didn't affect those people anyhow.

1 They should buy my stuff then throw it away 2
2 Being able to buy stuff back is a good thing 3
3 I never bother selling anything 4
Votes cast: 9

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Dramikar Post Reply
You get gold for selling eq to vendors. Some items can not be sold however so sac'ing would be the only alternative for gold. Selling yields better returns though.

      Drey Post Reply
      You get money selling stuff to vendors. If you got money for selling it, then I'd be rewarding you for being too lazy to take shit back to town and sell it. You could put it on a trigger at that point.

Thorn Post Reply
Well, I never really sell anything at all. Anything that I get that is useless I sac. Why not get a few gold from saccing stuff?

Singko Post Reply
i THink the itemzs we sell are usually for money, but ive found a couple items thast i was like heck i might want that cooL!, but mostly same stuf you can get- if i want to selel good enchant s i do it over auction... But if you could trus the item wouldnt go away i might be morewilling to leave an item at the shop to turn a profit for me, then agian thats cutting the vendor out- its not an auction.. auctions rule!~!