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1 New race(s) 3
2 New stuff for races we have 3
3 New class(es) 8
4 New stuff for classes we have 5
5 New area(s) 9
6 New quest(s) 2
Votes cast: 30

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Drey (2006-11-22 23:26:40) Post Reply
Ending remarks:

I'm adding stuff again, concentrating on improving existing game functionality and adding some little things that can make the entire experience better. Rogues are getting the beginnings of a new poison system. I'll be examining other aspects of combat and trying to get some new areas out. World of Warcraft has given me a lot of ideas and challenged some of my existing notions. I've also recently broken free of it some; it's very fun to play someone else's game but I've been missing working on mine.

cephas Post Reply
well am trying to log via the sire, but am unable to fnid the ""connect"" function that used to be at the base of each page. also not really any other way to let you know for least an hour. other than that, new look is great

jive Post Reply
More wandering mobs would be nice too, its always fun to find new things to kill. Perhaps make randomly spawnd unique/one of a kind mobs with variable level and equiped with the random equipment code. Perhaps bands of gypsys that travel from area shops, that steal from players and other mobs, sometimes causeing guards to call brethren/fight off the gypsys.

      Dramikar Post Reply
      I like the idea of dynamic content and used to really like the idea of dynamic mob levels based on the player ... however, I wonder if this isn't a cheap hack. Would more extensive areas that added space and time to gradually lead a player into a new zone be better?

Koldarg Post Reply
Have I been gone awhile? Yes. But that's beside the point. Why'd you even bring it up? *ahem*. I think mostly new classes would help out. That's not to say I don't think we need anymore of those choices. Areas are always fun, A new race or two might mix things up from the Dwarf/Deurgar population, and new skills/spells for existing classes are fun, too. However, I want to see a dynamic new class. I have no idea what. Maybe something along the lines of a Ritualist (A spirit summoner. Maybe summon actual spirits into the room for a room wide affect or more along the lines of a spirit summoned as a charmie. Thanks, Guild Wars.) or something else. In all honesty, I've played all the classes UD has to offer, and I don't have the urge to make a new character to get back into things currently. That's why I want either new classes (Completely new character experience) or new things for current classes. Whew.

      Dramikar Post Reply
      I think a consolidation of current classes/skills would effectively clean up the system and provide that fresh look you are talking about. Rogues, imo, are a prime example of this. Thieves and Assassins combined eliminating redundancy. Some common skills were kept and others tossed. Most importantly, and yet to come as of yet, new skills to not only replace the lost skills but to also add a significant amount of variety to the class and game. To me, this is one of the best player changes I've seen in a while (clan changes were quite nice, but I am more interested in the backend changes that took place as they pave the way for future progress).

      Koldarg Post Reply
      Another idea of a new class. A ranger type class. Perhaps more use for the herbs? Something like remedy, but also other cures and possibly buffs from the herbs? Perhaps they could flesh out archery a little. Give them certain bow attacks, like a poison shot that can only be used to start combat, but damages the enemy over time? They could also have traps, maybe similar to the Assassin tripwire, in that, a trap is placed on an exit and can have effects such as damage, being kept in the room, kept out of a room, etc...

Just an idea. I'll throw out more if I think of them.

Hortaunt Post Reply
What about put different race statistics in, so specific races start with more hp and mana than others do, but the others start with better regen rates or damage and hit rates.

And another idea for a different race would be a Minotaur (Better Str and Con than dwarves?)Or increase the int starting level for Gnomes and others who are better suited for casters.

New class : Summoner, able to summon heros, Elementals, demons, animate dead, charm person.

New class skills : Blizzard for Mages. Like Fireseeds, can fire from room to room. (Frost Based Damage)

New class skills : Rain of Fire for warlocks, like fireseeds, can fire from room to room. (Fire based damage)

New class skill : A Damage over time attack for warriors, instead of relying on poisoned weapons.

New class skill : Summon Beast, Summons a demon at random e.g. Imp, Hellhound, Balrog, Infernal, Ghoul, Zombie, Cyclops, Giant, Dragon.
Available to possibly a Summoner class or a Warlock / Mage.

New Areas : Huge Dwarven Citys. Troll tribal villages. Desert like region. Burnt opened planes, Infested with Dragons. Giant area. Mad Alchemist mansion (With a very powerful experiment), A great Ocean with Hydra's, Sharks, Dolphins, Giant Squid (This ocean seperating one area of the game to another) [This will bring more space for clan halls]. Barren area infested with giant insects.

With all these new things it will not only help bring people to UD but it'll get them hooked.

      Dramikar Post Reply

honey Post Reply
How about a race called 'RATTS. Once upon a time, a few cousins of an unknown race lived in the sewers. Why..we don't know. But after the cousins in-bred over and over, the result was a race of rat-like beings. Mostly, all of the above grond races despisd them, and often drove them back underground. But now, after visiting any underground level room, the Ratts gain a super skill or power (to be determined). This is a temporary skill when a Ratt goes aboveground. Add to this, when the tempory skill wears off, the Ratts will be weaker than their base skills, atributes, etc. Basically, the Ratts /have/ to go back where they belong, or they will likely become "rat road kill".

Also, Ratts will automatically attack any race within their range. They are just nasty. And, many above ground creatures will auto attack the Ratts. Also, no underground creatures will auto attack the Ratts.

All of this will force the Ratts to spend most of their lives below ground where they will build an empire. Anyway, nobody likes them because they smell bad, lol.

      Drey Post Reply
      How about 'no'?

            honey Post Reply
            How 'bout being a bit "gentler" with a rejection, like: "We really like your idea, but we are unable to release the resources necessary to implement this wonderful idea of yours at this time". :) (Well, at least mine was the only one to get a reply...even while the poll is still active, lol).

                  Drey Post Reply
                  Trust me, that /was/ my gentle reply.

                  Mneol Post Reply
                  Yeah...I still agree with Drey's first answer.

                        honey Post Reply

                              honey Post Reply
                              LOL. OK

Sleight Post Reply
All I can really say is. "This poll needs an 'All of the above' option". But, I'd start with Quests, Areas and Unique Class ideas.

Dracun Post Reply
we need stuff like remorts. i hate maxin out on lvl

Thorn Post Reply
Well, they are all good ideas for new stuff. But as stated before me, specialty shops would be nice. Like a smithy that can forge stats you want into wepons and armor for a price, and a mage that can enchant stats the same way. And maybe armor or wepons that is restricted to a certain class.

The current areas are a bit easy to breeze through and get exactly what you need. One or two more would be nice.

Also, It would be nice to have a mercenary shop. Like pets, but able to wield wepons and armor, and maybe a slightly longer lifespan. That is all I can think of. Aside from putting the coffee shop back in.

      tronis Post Reply
      i agree that what this game needs is a certain mage or smith the can enchant and reforge eq. make prices really high, set a certain number of enchantments that one piece of eq can hold (probably base the price on what stats were bought and how many their are). Also it would probably be wise to put these people in a very difficult area, perhaps the frozen plains or make an entire new area for them...like an obstacle course of sorts. i don't know just throwing out some ideas.

      Dramikar Post Reply
      Merc's for hire, eh? High down payments afterwhich they may not attend work? Or, they might turn on you in the heat of battle? Maybe a little too realistic :)

singko Post Reply
I voted for class work. I don't know though knew quests could be cool too.

Gotrek Post Reply
Instanced areas are cool, but for a mud no. A mud is basically a smaller community of players. Especially now with UD as it is. Areas we have now allow us to help each other and basically solo are way through them. We can get what we need, when we need it just got to kill the right mobs enough times. Not everyone can do this by themselves while others can. I would like to see more areas that would require grouping.
One thing I would like to see is eq that is specific for classes. Eq of this type could help restrict how powerful a class can get by effectively limiting the hr/dr a warrior/mercenary can have and mana a shaman/mage can get while making it more rounded for other classes to be equal. It will all be trial/error like usual. But can be done without huge overbalances with restricting types of eq. Stat eq for lower levels is almost a must. We have a fair amount of it now and can basically max everything as long as people are willing to help or know where to get the items. Other eq with positives and negatives throughout it all would be fun. Randomized eq even more fun. All would require alot of effort. I always like seeing more areas also. Lots of things could help make things new and fun within the game. The time to do it makes it hard as always.

      cephas Post Reply
      me thinketh more areas requiring grouping would also be a decent thing, as it would also mean that more players would have to be active in order to kill somethin, rather than havin peeps fseed the mob like 100 times to kill it. so more hard hard mobs in new areas. prolly also should stick decent eq on the mobs too

            Dramikar Post Reply
            I wonder if instead of making the mobs stronger if we can just add some new checks -- ie: damage can only be done to the mob if the player is in the room (prevents fireseed spamming from safe and archery). Also, instead of make their HPs godlike and giving them uber-EQ, how about making them regen quicker?

In essence, instead of making them kill quicker, make them live longer. Perhaps have some "group only mini-games". These would be where an already grouped batch of players enter into the game. Have it initiated by the leader and confirmed by each player within a short timelimit. Once a group has agreed and the time limit is up, a mob appears that can only be attacked by that group (kinda like quest mobs). Dunno. Rough idea.

Dramikar Post Reply
Revamed webpage -- it looks good, but time for some spice.

Revamed clan system with a new purpose. Perhaps something CTF-ish could be included -- not necessarily a clan's sole purpose, but could be a "mini-game" type of thing.

"Mini-games". I'm thinking stuff like the wheel, casino, quests and even enchanting/reforging. Other things could include the aforementioned CTF, a "Points of Interest" quest that allows players to sign their name at the location, etc. Just activities to do.

Instead of the ungodly strength of soulblades, have all (or just new) proc weapons that must build charges like the ball of flame. This keeps people hunting to keep their weapons up.

Tweak our current content. This means extending and fleshing out what areas and EQ we have. Take out the stuff that doesn't work at all. Adjust areas so that they flow a little better -- not looking for a totally coherent system, just a little more sane.

Perhaps, late on, look at those class mergers that was discuess with YAM. Differentiate skills/spells better. Add new ones to fill in some holes. New breeds of spells such as wall effects (discussed before, but noting again). Although it'd be a basic rewrite of the magic system, heirarchy spells would be nice (fireball -> firebolt -> Fire of D00M). Perhaps this can be achieved with a MySQL backend?

Maze code for dynamic areas. More dynamic eq/items and random drops. More specialty shops, fewer "one stop shops". Mobs that handle a few player skills such as reforging for insane prices.

Will expand any and all if need be. Done for now.

Fahresphere Post Reply
We need new areas deffinently, which will bring new equipment and new weapons. How about an instance type area.
Drey knows what I'm talking about..