Did you know there was a FAQ help topic?

1 Yes, I've seen it 3
2 No, never saw it 3
3 What'a a faq? 0
4 What's help? 0
5 Why is this a poll? 3
Votes cast: 9

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Drey Post Reply
Based on the feedback here and a general dislike for it anyhow, I've deleted the FAQ entry -- it's all covered by the MUD School and the 'Getting Started' web page anyhow.

Thunk Post Reply
I seem to remeber checking it out once before, however, I don't remember it being very helpful for me. Usually any questions I had could be answered by the help file on the subject. The UD help files are very well done.

      Drey Post Reply
      They're going to be better, Cynric is finding and documenting inconsistencies, wrong info, missing info, etc., and I'm fixing it.

honey Post Reply
I would imagine that an 'FAQ' category would be included in the 'HELP' file, as is common practice.