Should I change game time to have longer game days? Doing so would decrease how often you have to eat and drink. Right now 1 game hour is every 30 seconds. This works out to 2 game hours per minute, or 1 game day every 12 minutes. The proposed change would be drastically shorter -- possibly as low as 1 game day per real day!

Update: going with the 1 game day = 1 real day time scale. There will be a note and news entry when the work is done.

1 Leave it alone 3
2 1 for 1 (1 game day per 1 real day) 13
3 2 for 1 (1 game day per 12 real hours) 2
4 3 for 1 (1 game day per 8 real hours) 2
5 4 for 1 (1 game day per 6 real hours) 3
6 I prefer some other rate and will comment 5
Votes cast: 28

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honey Post Reply
double current time to one mud hour per rl minute. this because I am 'twice as slow' (or is it 'half as fast....hmm) as everybody else.

If you do not choose my plan, it is ok because I can't tell time anyway.

Drakan Post Reply
I think that if it was 1 second to a game minute, 1 minute to a game hour and 24 minutes to a game day would be a good idea.

Silver Post Reply
I may have been gone for a long time and been off and on but i really think it sould be 12 hours to one game day rather then i 24 hours to a game day. Spells i would think would last alot shorter then i would be spending more time casting them reather then mob killing but any way that what i have to say

nomma Post Reply
I opt for 1 game hour per minute. That is a 100% slowing down, and should give a good adjustment point without oversteering.

      Drey Post Reply
      But I *like* oversteering!

Caliban Post Reply
I had a discussion about this on the Rom mailing list about 2 years ago. The only problem with doing this is, what about those players from other countrys/odd playing times. They would end up always playing in darkness, and need constant torches, giving them a bigger annoyance than just the food/drink crap. (If i remember right, the most avaible torches are from the store, which last about 20-30 minuites)

Im all in favour of this, but adding to the time the torches last would be helpful.

      Drey Post Reply
      Most folks already have a constant, permanent light source because of all the bonuses they need. A fair number of areas are permanent dark as well, so the day/night cycle doesn't affect them. Since food time and torch time is based on the idea of game hours, slowing down how long a game hour is automatically means those items would have to last longer. Lastly, we personally only have 2 international players -- Drakan (UK) and Cephas (AUS). I've never found the "won't someone please think about the International players!" argument all that valid.

            Drakan Post Reply
            Yey I also got mentioned. Yey to the Uk, Hey that rhymes I should be a rapper. Anyway I really don't care how the time goes through the game I just enjoy playing it. All I care about is new spells and new areas to explore. Yeah lets start working on the areas and new equipment! And like something more for the Legend levels to do. For example. *Ahem* Player killing but can be aquired in points instead of kills. Send me a note if you want to know what I mean by points.
ps: If I'm not on it means I'm grounded for six months for a bad review from my "parents evening" at school.

            cephas Post Reply
            woot! i got a mention in a post. go the aussie =p

Artic Post Reply
Alright, I believe that 24 days in one day period. A day an hour, or maybe even a day a half an hour seems like a decent rate, and would allow people to actually celebrate in game holidays and such. Maybe some exceptions for holidays that would be a quick drop in the game, or for a week. Like for the week of Christmas and New years have it actual time to make things more iteresting, and maybe even a santa clause and a ball dropping or something throughout certain areas of the game.

      Davian Post Reply
      I agree with Artic and Raize, but if some newbie died during the "Dark" hours, they would have problems especially if they had no money and no players on to loan them money to buy lanterns or corpse retrieve. Sorry if this is messed up, I wrote it on my PSP andhadlimitedspace.

      Drey Post Reply
      Still too fast for me. Only 1/5th as many game days will pass per real day, but it won't have the impact I want.

Raize Post Reply
Ideally, I'd prefer to see multiple MUD days in one real day, perhaps 3 or 4. However, at least for me, having to eat and drink constantly is a fairly large annoyance, so I'm in favor of whatever method will require us to eat and drink the least often. In this case, I guess, that would be 1 to 1, so that's what I vote for.

      Drey Post Reply
      Well, I could make it 1 mud day to 2 real days, to really slow down that eating and drinking. ;-)

            cephas Post Reply
            slowing it down this far sounds like it'd be lotsa fun. would also put everyone in the "period of darkness" rather than just international players, just to make caliban happy =p

                  Drey Post Reply
                  Yeah, but *what* period of darkness is that? Everyone I know has a torch, candle, glowing eyeball, something.

singko Post Reply
Days are too short, maybe 3 mud days in one real day. Will this change mess up how long spells last?? Thats my main concern.

      Drey Post Reply
      No, spells would last as much real world time as they do right now -- so no matter how long a spell claims to last, if it lasts 5 real world minutes it's going to keep on lasting 5 real world minutes.