Do you think there are too many stupid notes?

1 Yes, certainly. 17
2 No, not at all. 2
3 What about stupid polls? 4
Votes cast: 23

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Parin Post Reply
I said no. Partially because the notes that seem stupid to me are obviously not stupid to everyone else, such as their authors. Also, I don't get the chance to log in as much as I used to, thus I'm not always up to date on what's going on, so after I've been reading around 30 notes they all seem dumb, unless they're from the Imms, or personally directed to me. Then I care more. Because, well, I guess that's just how I am. Anyway. SMOCK. ....if you will....

Eeena Post Reply
I can attest to the rampant stupidity of many notes since mine are stupid.

cephas Post Reply
i also agree with singko to a degree. when it starts getting to personal attacks on ppl, then it is being taken a little far being posted for the rest of the mud to see. if you gonna have personal attacks keep them between you and the other person rather than you and the rest of the mud. also i've noticed coarse lang is gettin a lil excessive. dont mind a lil, but theres some with coarse lang almost every sentence min.

Drakan Post Reply
Yes Although I did vote for yes there is too many stupid notes but Singko has a point, The Stupid notes puts alot of the humour into the game, along with conversations about Coffee and Bananas!!! -.- Not that I talk about that stuff *Shifty gaze to Kheldar..*

singko Post Reply
stupid is, as stupid does. life without stupidity would make things boring. humans, cant live with them cant live without them.