There used to be a fair amount of grumbling about the warlock spells poltergeist, ghost and spectre. At least one of the grumbles had to do with them all being long-range spells. I made some changes a while back to try to balance it some but I'm not sure I really accomplished all that much. What follows is a new idea I have.

1) A person would only be able to have one of them at a time on him or her.
2) They would all have similar effect in terms of strength, duration, etc.
3) Poltergeist would be cast on the warlock and would follow him or her around. When attacked, it would latch itself to the attacker and begin the haunting.
3) Ghost would be able to be placed on exits, like Tripwire, and would affect people within PK Range when they passed through the exit. Like Tripwire, the warlock would be able to set a number of these.
4) Spectre would remain the long-range spell that it currently is.
5) All three spells would still require the use of a skull, but not a player skull, as component in the casting (whatever died and left the skull is the ghost, you see...)

1 Ooh! I like! 15
2 Good but why use anything other then spectre? 1
3 I like how they work now. 2
4 I preferred how they worked before. 1
Votes cast: 19

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xeno Post Reply
Keep the powerful version of spectre IFF you use that player's skull for the casting.

      Drey Post Reply
      Yeah, it probably still needs some kind of limiter -- having it be less effective isn't enough of one, I suppose. I don't think I'd have it consume the skull in the casting though.

Drey Post Reply
Some thoughts already ...

I may make Spectre actually have the weakest effect of the 3, since it's guaranteed to hit. Ghost would get a decent effect since you can't be certain who it will hit. Poltergeist would get the strongest effect since you have to deliver it yourself.

Feel free to comment while voting.

      Jarik Post Reply
      I like the idea a lot...but would pally's protection from evil still "Protect" them?

            Drey Post Reply
            Does Protection from Evil even protect from the warlock spells right now?

                  hydrus Post Reply
                  Well interesting you mention that, I have found protection from evil doesnt help for much of anything. Hopefully ghost/spectre is passed then we will have a tenth of a better cdhance while fighting people.. maybe. now that my demon cant have good eq (even though a mob would kill me if i wasnt strong enough) it seems like the class has been dry, but hey I LOVE warlocks they just dont make it.. ..

                  parin Post Reply