Nominations are in for the first Annual Worst Mob of the Year Contest. All bets are off. Who gets it? Whose cuisine reigns supre--er...what's the worst mob ever made? I'm excluding some particularly egregious mobs that no longer exist in the game (Hefty Smurf comes to mind). Keep in mind that 'worst' doesn't mean nastiest, most likely to kill you, or anything like that. We all know about those mobs. 'Worst' here means a mob that when you run across it just makes you want to slap the builder in the face, go hide under your bed, change underwear, etc.

1 the Death Slaad 2
2 the toilet attendant 3
3 some cave weeds 1
4 the rock slug 0
5 Your own inner demon 5
6 the chocobos (nominated as a group) 2
7 moss/mold/fungus (nominated as a group) 2
8 a furry monkey 1
9 a furry yeti/the White Yeti (nominated as a group) 0
10 a pair of disembodied eyes 0
11 a broom 5
12 The Drunken Master 0
13 a killer frog 0
14 a carnivorous plant 0
15 a potted plant 0
16 Cowboy Neal 3
17 Other (will specify in comments) 3
Votes cast: 27

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Parin Post Reply
First thing I thought of was the Juicy Steak, and I'm glad I read the comments first, because at the time I thought it possible that I was just "trippin" and that it hadn't really existed. Kheldar confirmed that it did indeed exist. So, I choose the steak. Because no oneeople gets their ass kicked by a steak. Though, they have been known to be punched in the face by a marshmallow...

      Kheldar Post Reply
      but too bad you didn't actually read the poll text first, where I said that I was excluding mobs that no longer exist ;)

            Parin Post Reply
            Details, details. Sheesh. So picky these days...

      Parin Post Reply
      "no one" not "no oneeople"

Silver Post Reply
i would have to say the Seabass they fall from the sky and they get every where

Eeena Post Reply
the WOODCHUCK.....he seems absolutely worthless. But hell, someone has to chuck all that wood.

singko Post Reply
I think haveing mobs be all sorts of stuff makes the game generally amusing, and is part of the reason I enjoy it.

      singko Post Reply
      oh yeah, and i hate chocobos

      Parin Post Reply
      Death Slaad still looks like 'Death Salad' when I first see it.

Kheldar Post Reply
as obsessed as i am with the killer frog and the death slaad, i just had to go with the cave weeds. CAVE WEEDS?! what a shitty mob.

Caliban Post Reply
What about the Violator? Hes patheric..

OO or the Clericabot, bawaha

Kheldar Post Reply
some other...profound...mobs that are no longer with us include: the juicy steak, annie the anorexic tapeworm, the fire newts, the vicious camel, the blair witch, and a few others. how embarrassing.

      Sleight Post Reply
      *sigh* I miss that mansion, with the blair witch. Gave me something to do when I was bored.

      Drey Post Reply
      You don't have to get so Emotion-al about it...

            Kheldar Post Reply
            you didn't have to go there :(