Ok, so many (all?) of you have heard of the plan to add a reincarnation system. The idea would be that once you reach level 50, you may reincarnate, choosing a more powerful race and class combination. "As planned," this would involve three tiers of classes (20 new) and races (17 new), with all sorts of new stuff.

The problem is that I've been doing most of the work on it, and due to various factors, have not been able to work on it much. As it stands, it's already about a month "late." As it stands, it may be another month or more until I could finish this system.

So, we'd like your feedback. Instead of taking a long time to finish this system, I could take the skills and spells I've already worked on (lots), add a few new classes and races, and expand the level range to 100. If you want more info, ask me in-game.

1 Either way is fine with me. 3
2 I'd rather wait longer and have reincarnation. 8
3 I'd rather have new stuff soon. 2
4 Do neither! I fear change! 1
Votes cast: 14

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Kheldar Post Reply
I forgot to mention that adding more levels/skills/etc. also makes dealing with some pretty complicated and touchy problems with PK much easier.

      Drey Post Reply
      One specifically is that reincarnated classes and races are tougher then their non-reincarnated versions, so PK between them would have to be restricted.

            Kheldar Post Reply
            With more levels, PK would also have to be adjusted. I can kind of see a 50 vs. 25, but a 100 vs. 50 would just be ludacrous. Perhaps the current system needs looking at too :P

                  Ming Post Reply
                  ..but either way that the new skills are implemented will require a remake of the current PK system. so doesn't this require another Poll? >;)

..i still like the suggestion that Drey made about "choose your own PK level" where we allow players to choose their own upper bound of levels that can attack them. this of course would get increased by the game if you did things like PK frequently, etc..

                        Drey Post Reply
                        I think Imms would have a command to just bump everyone's level up by 1 too :p

                              Roland Post Reply
                              I like peanuts