Can you Mash Potato? Can you do The Twist? Tell me baby, do you like it like this?

1 Yes 4
2 No 3
3 WTF? 11
Votes cast: 18

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Phil Post Reply
I can do the Mash Potato, I can do the Twist, and yes baby I like it like this.

Ya heard!

Risika Post Reply
Give it to me, baby!

Disclaimer: To absolve myself of any sketichiness and any possible propositioning, I'd like to make sure it is known that this comment was made purely for comedic effect and anyone attempting to take it seriously shall be taken outside by government thugs, stripped naked, and shot in the mouth. Thank you very much.


Parin Post Reply
*boogies down* Yeah, baby!

Caliban Post Reply
Option 4: Cowboy Neal