It's a little early to tell, I suppose, but so far it's looking like an overwhelming majority of people think Soulblades may not have been the best thing. So ... what to do about it?

1 Complete removal 2
2 Complete removal with QP refunds 11
3 Nerf to no better then a reforged/enchanted weapon 2
4 Nerf with some kind of bonus for excess souls 4
Votes cast: 19

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singko Post Reply
I think soulblades should be half the price and be a randomly made blade so its up to the reforge/enchat to m ake it tip top. OR make soulblade a skill not unlike fellblade, but soulblades should differ from class to class.

Gamma Post Reply
Yes, Drakan I'm a slacker, I want it out, and oops I have a maxed blade. Oh yeah, take that comment to the appropriate poll. Anyway, if the issue is about levelling, why not throw some stupid amount of aptitude on the blade? Let those with a SB have a choice. Refund or new blade for those levelling?
My .03

Drakan Post Reply
I think that soulblades are fair, the reason is because atleast you have to work for them to be strong, the harder you work the stronger it become's, I think most of the people who want it out of the game are the slacker's who don't pay much attention to either getting a soulblade or leveling it..

      Sleight Post Reply
      I call "Bullshit' on that, Drakan. It took twenty times the work to get the weapon you'd even ever bother restringing without soulblades. Soulblade users are the real slackers here. "Gaps in your mults? Don't bother reforging weapons! Buy a soulblade and kill everything, your mults will fill up with time!!"

      Drey Post Reply
      On this poll, I don't care if SB's are fair or not. That's the other poll. This poll is for what I do to them if I gank them.

Eleria Post Reply
If it looks like people feel that soulblades are unfair, then, removing them should at least earn the players qps back. I think the work it took to get them should be rewarded. I've suggested a quest buy charmie, along the lines of Gotrek's Phoenix, before sb's were instated, maybe that would be a more rp alternative to soulblades.