Did Soulblades unbalance the game?

1 Yes 19
2 No 10
Votes cast: 29

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singko Post Reply

      singko Post Reply
      oops, yeah, i think the real advantage is having resist and weapons. if you got rid of that, made it take ALOT more souls. More questpoint. AND made it easier to gain souls. I also think if you can sacrifice a soulblade that carries souls to power it, it should release the souls as ghosts or some other from to attack to player sacrificing it.

Cephas Post Reply
i kno i havent been around as long as most of you have, so i have only really had the soulblade to level with, and that was since about lvl 25. before then i was using the noob weapons with lots of stats and also a fellblade. to an extent SB's are better, as they have high avg and make levelling more simple. but then you have the aspect of some ppl having maxed out SB's while others havent even got their first flags, which makes it hard when there are no safe rooms to xp and lotsa ppl trying to pk you while you xp. so really SB's have made some aspects better for some and worse for others. and i kno that there is plenty of weapons lying around that can be enchanted/reforged to be quite decent, all ppl need to do is look around and experiment.

      singko Post Reply
      i think you have a good idea of whats good for players. What i get from what you said is if there are, or were more swords outthere compareable, or more handy for your trade/class it wouldnt be so overrated to have soulblade. Maybe if they were good, but in the end, as legend they should be as good as the avg weapon. or at least raise the avg dam, and or make new weapons that could be made good.

Gotrek Post Reply
I like soulblades. But they are too much. It is the best weapon in the game. Before soulblades I had my eq/weapons how I wanted it. After soulblades came out I worked hard to get 2 of them that were maxed. Then worked on changing around eq to fit my characters stats better. For those who say it makes people lazy. Did you get a soulblade? Did you work nonstop to get it maxed? You work on eq after that to better your character? I put in alot of time on my 2 soulblades and the eq I changed with it. It will be good that we get to use older weapons again. Just more time gets to be put in fixing the losses that will come from the work people put in already. Also, from my view, it takes just as long reforge/enchanting to find a good weapon to restring as it does to quest for a soulblade or two, work on them to max and then fix up the eq to balance yourself. I've been doing it. Soulblade running actually seemed harder, especially when the mobs were limited to what legends could kill. You didn't get souls as fast as you could. With a soulblade your not sitting in your clanhall reforge/enchanting a weapon or it to make it better. With a soulblade you had to leave your clan/safe, etc. to even work on it. I know I had to leave clan/safe to max my 2 soulblades. I welcome the old weapons again though. Everybody deserves a chance, not just those with soulblades.

      Sleight Post Reply
      It may take just as long to max a soulblade as to get a damn good weapon with reforge/enchant. But the result/turnout won't ever be near as great in comparison to a max soulblade.

      Drey Post Reply
      I'd like it actually if people couldn't get max mults, but that's just me. There's an element of strategy and tactics if you have to decide which mults you're going to take more of.

Koldarg Post Reply
My biggest beef with soulblades was that they took away the last shred of hope Paladins had (in my opinion). Paladins had the relic blade which, with alot of money could be beefed to be just slightly better than a well reforged/enchanted weapon. Now soulblades are around, and with adequate QPs anyone can have a weapon that outshines a relic blade.

      Drey Post Reply
      Relicblades were enhanced post-Soulblades.

Gamma Post Reply
Did Soulblades unbalance UD? I voted yes, but I think initially unbalanced would not be the word I would use...personally, after reading what everyone has had to say I completely agree. My concerns however, lie in the stagnation that the Soulblade has created. Sleight is absolutely correct when he mentioned that people don't have to work for a real weapon. I also support Singko's idea that the two quest items don't take into account roleplay and thereby negate the use of previous weapons and floaters. As stated above, my concerns lie in the stagnation of UD. For those who still support the quest items, but have not had the gumption to state a reason why perhaps this will help sway your judgement. A previous poll brought into light the issues of "stock" areas. The result solidified the idea that UD is in dire need of more areas, for all level ranges. So how does this tie into the stagnation caused by the quest items? Glad you asked! If there is an ultimate weapon in game that EVERYONE uses, there is no reason for the builder hope that the eq he/she creates will ever be used; therefore, the likelyhood of getting a new area diminishes. Believe it or not builders, and no I'm not an Imm, want there areas to be explored and equipment to be used. These people have spent hours and days thinking of APPROPRIATE equipment for us, so be thankful for what they have done. No not all the items will be used, no not every area will have an upgrade to a previous item slot, but look at your Soulblade and realize that there will never be excitement when fighting a huge mob with a new weapon, and just because you name it something fancy and put cute colors on it, doesn't mean it is unique. Thanks for your time.

Drey Post Reply
Since some folks have already figured it out, here's the full stats of a Soulblade. No, I won't say how long it takes to get this.

+5 Str, +5 Dex, +15 hitroll, +15 damroll, +75 hitpoints, +75 manapoints, +3 Speed, +3 Force, +2 Resilience, +4 resist negative, +4 resist bash, +4 resist holy, +4 resist slash, +4 resist magic, +4 resist pierce, nodisarm, poisoned, flaming, forst, vorpal, shocking, vampiric and holy.

And they can't be reforged or enchanted either.

Silver Post Reply
almost every one has one they way out power alot of other weapons and most of the older players dont have one some do but they dont use them that much. so i think they way unblance the game.

tror Post Reply
i have just started using soulblades and i like them i think they help

      tror Post Reply
      i came to realize they are good in someways but others they are not

      Sleight Post Reply
      Yes, they may help weaker charecters a bit. But it doesn't take the type of hard work to get a good soulblade as is does to get a good /real/ weapon. Soulblades take away from the gaming experiance. A 'max' soulblade, as I understand, is something someone like Serivik would use to kill the albatross.

Sleight Post Reply
I strongly believe the two quest items, Soulblades, and the greenfire nearly completely unbalanced the pk aspect of UD from how it was previously working. After Drey's hard work, things are looking in balance again.

      Covack Post Reply
      Yeah I have to agree with Sleight. Soulblades are the weapon of choice for everyone, and greenfire's are the floatie of choice for everyone. Without SB's and GF's certain classes would use weapons and floaties better suited to their class. It makes for more character building.
-Covack Matrell

            singko Post Reply
            Mages have been taking hits recently, and the soulblade is part of it. I only hit players a couple times in battle so a soulblade wouldnt help a mage much. A greenflame on the other hand, can counter the affect of a soulblade, or used to. Then again, people who have SB's usually have a greenflame as well, making my good Talon and Chromatic orb not so good.

                  Sleight Post Reply
                  Not to make trouble, Singko. But what kind of hits have Mages really taken?