How do you feel about replacing stock areas?

1 Adding new is better then replacing old 8
2 Some of those old areas really need to go 4
3 I'd prefer new but replacing old is OK 16
4 I never leave my clanhold so I don't care 0
Votes cast: 28

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Drey Post Reply
Since it's been asked, these are the stock areas:

Old Thalos, Dragon Tower, High Tower of Sorcery, Drow City, The Keep of Mahn-Tor, New Ofcol, Haon Dor, Wyvern's Tower, Darklin Forest, Thalos, The Plane of Nirvana, Chapel Catacombs, Arachnos, Elemental Canyon, Fire Giants' Caves, Castle Reinhold, Shaolin Temple, Old Marsh

Phil Post Reply
You don't even have to replace the old areas, maybe just update them. i.e. putting resists on some of the old eq, sense they were made before resists were put in, ect.

singko Post Reply
There are a few areas I hardly ever use. And a couple areas I just pass through and never stick around. I think a couple need to be removed and some just refaced/replaced with something more useful or easy to navigate.

      Sleight Post Reply
      More of you should've voted. "I never leave my clanhold so I don't care".

Gamma Post Reply
I'm not against stock areas, its simply that replacing them gives UD a more "homey" feeling.