What do you think of holiday-specific content?

1 I like it, please do more of this 26
2 I could take it or leave it 3
3 I dislike holiday content 0
4 What holiday content?! 0
Votes cast: 29

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Angelus Post Reply
I think doing holiday content is good for the MUD, if there are thing's more often no matter the holiday, E.g. Honika, Christmas, Easter, Thanks giving, Independance day Etc.. even Immortals birthday's could be made into a holiday content type thing because it's the Immortals MUD, it's their world, they should be celibrated along with the other original holidays. It's a world made by the Immortal's, we thank you for that, so you all deserve a special day on the MUD it's kind of a way for the rest of us to say thank you..

(Sorry if I done spelling mistakes or got the holiday's wrong, I'm from england and we arn't taught much about american holiday's.)

      Silver Post Reply
      dont worry most of us dont know much about most of them

Parin Post Reply
So...around Christmas can warlords by christmas trees or something and all out decorate? And for Halloween can we carve pumpkins into Jack O Lanterns? Etc. That would rock. Even if we can't though, it still rocks. Do more!

      Parin Post Reply
      and by 'by' i meant 'buy'

gallop Post Reply
i like the holiday theme makes it all the more fun

Risika Post Reply
In interest of laziness, I have to say that I liked the candy that just randomly appeared in your inventory better, but holiday content that requires work is infitely better than none at all.

      Drey Post Reply
      I was doing the candy too while I was around.

      Risika Post Reply
      And by "infitely", I meant infinitely". I just suck at life, it seems.