Or the other idea ... what I just proposed except it only applies to clans. However, the safe rooms left (temples and such) would no longer allow chat, legend, etc. to cut down on the trash talk.

1 Still a bad idea 4
2 I like this one better then the other one 5
3 What's wrong with your first idea? 7
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Drey Post Reply
Final result: Not limiting it. The margin is too close and I don't care enough to code something half the MUD will bitch about.

Silver Post Reply
well i dont liek the idea but why would i care i dont work well with clans so theres no reason to protest

Gamma Post Reply
Global messages should not be allowed in the safe rooms as it only encourages hit and run tactics as well as meaningless spam. I suggest keeping the safe rooms in clans though, its one thing to be spam killed in Karandras, but its a total nuisance to camp someone's hold.

Artic Post Reply
When it comes to this one, it should be limited though, like when a clan reaches a certain revenue they should lose their safe room.