So ... how about we remove safe rooms?!

The biggest reason to KEEP safe rooms is to prevent death loops, where someone or something vicious sits in the safe room and kills you and you respawn there and they kill you and you respawn there etc.


We could put a brief sanctify spell on you. Long enough to flee, find your corpse, log out, etc.

1 OMG, think about the kittens! 7
2 It's evil, I like it 7
Votes cast: 14

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Drey Post Reply
Final result: Not limiting it. The margin is too close and I don't care enough to code something half the MUD will bitch about.

Silver Post Reply
Hey think about the not so good players out there i think it would be a suprise to find when i get one after a long absence then log on ad it says "your dead your dead your dead" that would piss me off enough to quit playing well thats just me theres my meaning-less comment

      Drey Post Reply
      So you ignored the part where I said you'd get some kind of immunity to being killed for a short time after being killed?

Risika Post Reply
I should always read comments first. I agree with the combination of Gamma's comments on this poll and the other one. Both are good ideas in a sense, but safe rooms really are necessary for non-legends, especially once they reach the PK range of some of our less merciful legends. I'd suggest keeping the wheel room safe as well because otherwise it'd be rather unfortunate for one to be caught in there as a fish, free for the killin'. Also, as an idler, I do protest to a certain extent. I know Sleight would be all over slaughtering me if I were idling out of safe (don't you even deny it, Sleight, you /know/ you would!), and we don't want /that/, now do we? Aw, cripes, I'm encouraging you now, aren't I?

      Drey Post Reply
      Log off if you're not playing.

Gamma Post Reply
I like the idea, but I think it should apply to Legends only. Or have a PK flag, where if you initiate a fight, safe rooms do not apply to you for X amount of time.

Artic Post Reply
Why would you remove the safe rooms? I think it'd be stupid. Just because certain people like to sit there and chase people like me all over. Most of the time I sit in a safe room just because I am not actually paying that much attention to the screen like I am not doing now.

      Drey Post Reply
      Log off if you're not playing.