Right now Escape kicks in when your hitpoints are at or below 10% of your maximum total. You have no control over it.

You do control your Wimpy setting though. Wimpy is the number of hitpoints at which you begin trying to automatically flee from combat.

Should I change Escape to work off your Wimpy setting? When voting, answer according to if you have a character who gets the Escape skill as 'yes' and 'no' from people who this will not directly affect mean less to me.

Note: this isn't some new change where people with Escape now are getting 2 chances to leave combat. They always had 2 chances. I just want to combine it onto 1 trigger now, so thieves will begin trying to recall or flee at the same level of hitpoint loss.

1 I have this skill and I say Yes 11
2 I have this skill and I say No 2
3 I do not get this skill and I say Yes 4
4 I do not get this skill and I say No 0
Votes cast: 17

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Drey Post Reply
Final result: Might change it. Don't really care to do it right now though. Half the MUD has something else they want me to work on instead anyhow.

Phil Post Reply
I think that if you are going to have escape work off of wimpy than only those who have escape should have a working wimpy. Otherwise it's making escape kinda useless and than maybe giving us another skill to replace escape would be better.

      layla Post Reply
      I don't think you get the idea. Wimpy should is remaining the same, but for escape artists: the ability to have escape kick in at any choice of percentage, makeing it more effective in a way

      Drey Post Reply
      Wimpy for non-Escape artists: Flee
Wimpy for Escape artists: Escape; if fail, try Flee

Why would I need to give anyone else anything else?

Gamma Post Reply
I vote yes change the escape skill to react off of one trigger. Everyone knows what it is like to be in pk and have this kick in when you had the kill.