Should recall be limited in some way? Perhaps anyone under a certain level can recall from anywhere but above a certain level you can only recall from altar rooms (in order to get back to your clanhold easily...) If you vote 'yes', please leave a comment that, in a small number of words, describes how you think it should be limited.

1 Yes, it should be limited somehow 10
2 No, do not limit it in any way 11
Votes cast: 21

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Drey Post Reply
Final result: Not limiting it. The margin is too close and I don't care enough to code something half the MUD will bitch about.

parin Post Reply
I don't remember if I voted for this or not...

Eleria Post Reply
Recalling is just a fundemental part of the mud, people use it for any number of reasons. I think limiting recall in a mud of this size is silly. Walking back from mythic sidhe, would drain all my movement points, especially after a search quest. Also escape is not just a thieve's skill, many classes get escape, if recall is limited and escape changed, then those other classes need a replacement skill. Ultimately though, i think that by changing such a base command, you'll have to change many other things as well, such as the amount of movement points chars get. I think a better idea would be to make more no recall zones. But i think no recall would ultimately help pk the most, and i'm surprised Drey brought it up.

      Drey Post Reply
      "...a mud of this size..."

We're a small MUD. 3772 total rooms, slightly less then that actually available to the players.

      Silver Post Reply
      I agre all the way, each person has there own reason for recalling personal or needing healing, when i first started ud i went places way beond my level and i use recall to get back even level 20 and up i still need it alot more on ever other day, a few time i dont use it that much, but it would work for pk stuff better i know that people hate it that people use recall to run so it 50/50 to me

Drey Post Reply
The idea, as it is currently formulating:

* Everyone below level 20 enjoys unlimited recall.
* Above level 20, you get 'x' recalls which slowly dwindle down to 1 by Legend.
* Your 'x' recalls are a RENEWABLE POOL which recovers over time (sort of like regenning hitpoints or mana).
* Either:
! Players questing get unlimited recall; or
! Quest time countdown would end the moment the object was recovered or the mob killed, so you had time to amble back to town.
* 'Escape' skill would ignore recall limits.

      singko Post Reply
      All the walking around could cause me to get carpaltunnel syndrome!

singko Post Reply
Creating a limited ammount of recall would just be a pain. Its enough of a pain to get around in the world of UD. It would just make UD more difficult and less enjoyable for me to play. Also, making it harder for people to recall such as legends, sounds stupid to me, legends should be the best, they earned legend status why should they be punished. Anyway, I do not think any change needs to be made in his part of the game, except maybe no-recall while in a fight (exception from escape). People say it would make pk more interesting but thats a bunch of bull. If you want to spicen up PK have the Imms force everyone into a Blood Bowl type arena, and the only way out is to die or be the only one left alive. That way

Silver Post Reply
I dont think it should be chaged now most of the people that post or the best now think about it there are people out there that are not as good as you people and newbies to muds that came to ud i dont think it would be newbie friendly any more if it comes to it being limited then make it to level 55

spazz Post Reply
maybe recall scrolls or poiton?? i think recall is over used...maybe take it out all together...i think it would make it more intersting that way....tho harder to do quests.maybe only recall during quests and altars....

Artic Post Reply
I think recall should be limited from the zone that your recall is in, if your recall is set in karandras you shouldn't be able to recall while in karandras. Thats just plain lazy, and I know I'm guilty of it. Or any zone with a portal back to karandras in it for that matter, unless you are below that zones max level.

Cynric Post Reply
I like the suggestion about 'x' # of retrievals that decreases as you increase in level. More no-recall rooms/areas would be nice as well.

Orion Post Reply
Perhaps making recall cost X amount of Gold and X amount of experience pre-legend. For Legends maybe 100-200k gold minimum to recall.

      Drey Post Reply
      Considering that gold flows like water, I don't consider gold penalties as meaningful in any way.

            Orion Post Reply
            It would give gold some kind of value though. Just depends on how much the cost to recall would be. Perhaps they should be limited outside of safe-rooms by putting a cap on the number of times you can recall, and overtime have them accumulate over time back to the max. But it would probably be easier to just have a recall field similar to corpse retrieval.

                  Drey Post Reply
                  Also an interesting idea that I could apply to ALL levels -- you get x recalls (maybe more at lower levels) and once used they slowly build back up to your max. Actually, I kind of like that idea.

Korryl Post Reply
It shouldn't be limited except for in PK. Recalling in PK is cheap and also that is why the skill Escape happens to be in the game. There's my worthless thoughts.

      Drey Post Reply
      Escape skill, right ... will have to be replaced or its something Thieves get special ... oooh, Thieves break the rules, go figure. ;-)

Serivik Post Reply
Sounds good. I'd say anyone level 20 and under should be able to recall from anywhere, but everyone else has to recall from altar rooms. Or maybe there could be some penalty for using recall when you aren't at an altar, too.

      Drey Post Reply
      Like ... all movement points removed, a small waitstate applied, and a low duration Snare spell along with a global system message of exactly where they're at now ...