Would it be at all useful to be able to tell (or maybe even set as a default for yourself) the portal in your clanhold which of the 3 town altars (Karandras, Barasttr, Mythic Isle) to send you too?

A command, 'portal', has been added to let you manipulate your destination.

1 I have no clan hold, you insensitive clod! 1
2 Yes, please let us specify a destination! 15
3 No, leave them all pointing at Karandras 1
Votes cast: 17

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Silver Post Reply
It would be nice to have the portal where you could tell it what city to go to i get tired of walking all the way so it will make it better

Triana Post Reply
It's nice but Shide should not be included, it's a no rift area now so why be able to portal to it for easy access.

      galaeron Post Reply
      Eudoxius, you dimwit, dont let me catch you in a dark alley.

      eudoxius Post Reply
      Sorry Triana, but Sidhe is not included. The option would be to Mythic Isle, which is a rift zone. And there are zones in Sidhe where you can rift to as well. So there :p

            Drey Post Reply
            Eudoxius is correct; Mythic Isle is the one you use the bone horn to get to and there's an altar there.