It's hard to strike a good balance between hard and boringly easy with an automated system like our quest code, but I want to try my best. Is the time range given to complete a quest appropriate? Do you always have too much time to complete it? Do you usually not have enough? I want to see how hard quests really are. So the choices are completions of the following sentence:

"I think the time given to complete a quest is, on average, ______"

1 way too long: I usually have many minutes left 0
2 too long: I usually have a couple minutes left 2
3 about right: it's close, and sometimes I fail 9
4 too short: I fail a lot of quests by time 2
5 way too short: I fail almost all of my quests 2
Votes cast: 15

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Kheldar Post Reply
I'm closing this poll. I found it more informative in the end to just look at collected quest stats about how many failures and wins that people had as an indicator.

Amon Post Reply
Quests are to hard, especially if your searching for an item in the Northern Wastes, I had a quest that gave me 12 minutes to find the object, and I couldnt find it because it was somewhere hidden >_<!


silver Post Reply
most of the time i can do it but latley i am given stuff to do i can never find or kill i know i am a high level but still i am not all that good at them i had alot of qps but from when i get to level 50 i lost them all becasues of how hard its gotten so i quit trying them

      Silver Post Reply
      i have got an idea give a quest on the class or what the player dose best or let the player chose to kill a mob or find somthing other players are good at all of it or some are only good at one kind killing mobs or finding stuff so people should be able to chose what kind a quest they go on like hunting a mob or an item

Gotrek Post Reply
I got to say, I tend to complete the quests pretty easily. But since the change I have had to push it or close calls. Haven't failed a quest since the bugs have been fixed. But have had a few quests completed with seconds to spare before time runs out. What bugs me is when you fight the Unicorn or Count and Contessa because they are in same room not leaving. With a short time limit like 14 mins or shorter. Then only getting 2 quest points for all the effort and time you put in.

Dramikar Post Reply
It's about right. Larger areas such as Sidhe and mob kills such as the Count take time, but on the whole it's about right. Really, the key to time is knowing the area.

Raize Post Reply
I think it's hard to say. Sometimes I'll complete a quest with like 10 minutes to spare, but sometimes I'm nowhere near close to finishing it when time runs out. I think it all just depends on the quest. For the most part, though, I think it's fine.