Which do you think is better:
A) Frequent levels with small rewards
B) Less frequent levels with large rewards

When doing this poll, please bear in mind that UD does *neither* of these; UD is more like "less frequent levels with less frequent large rewards".

1 Frequent and small 5
2 Less frequent and large 12
Votes cast: 17

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Drakan Post Reply
I think if it was like this the top level requirements should be higher so someone should reach lvl 75 or something

bringieth Post Reply
i think smaller levels with smaller reword would be tter becuz then it keeps pking more balanced.... if one person reaches that new level first and get a huge reword that would mean that as the others are trying to get that now harder to get level they will be slaughers by the the first person be cuz they now have a huge advantage.... hence complaints persue..hence chaos and i win... we dont want that now do we

Vegnaron Post Reply
I think that if you have less frequent levels and larger rewards it could be like 100+ hp per level and possibly about 10 pracs per level
But a down side is you will have to kill alot more to level

      silver Post Reply
      i think that would be something cool or spells or skills you could add to your skill lists

            galaeron Post Reply
            I agree with silver. A player should have the capability to purchase at fair prices (wether in practices, qpoints or just good ole gold or a combination) skills or spells that would make life easier, like fly, or rift, or scry wouldnt that be the coolest?

            Amon Post Reply
            My Mop and my Right Hand Agree with you Veggie... But my Left Hand and the Broom dont.... *shrugs* and ummmmm LESS Rewards and more levels would be kewl, make my life easier not a living nightmare! and umm God Bless AMERICA!!!! But not Bush... He is the DEVIL!!!!!

Kheldar Post Reply
UD is more like "less frequent levels with variable rewards". Each level you DO get something -- hp, mana, moves, and pracs -- but that something varies with your stats, so it could be smaller or larger. Then some levels you get skills, some of which are better than others. At the lower levels these "large rewards" (skills) come frequently, and at higher levels, less frequently.

      Kheldar Post Reply
      Of course, I realize ex post facto that there's a reading of what Drey said that is identical to what I said.