As an amusing thought experiment, what do you think would be the best spell from Underworld Dreams to be able to cast in real life, if you could only pick one? Spells are limited to non-combat spells, since we assume that you guys aren't murderous maniacs, but only play them on the MUD.

1 restoration 0
2 rain of seabass 1
3 locate object 2
4 scrye 0
5 pass door 1
6 invisibility 5
7 animate dead 1
8 summon demon 1
9 greater enchantment 1
10 charm person 1
11 haste 0
12 sanctify 0
13 portal 6
14 other (specify in comments) 3
Votes cast: 22

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Sammael Post Reply
I think wither would be the best one because i could like f*** my teachers up wit it. Plus i could be an evil mastermind and take over the world!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Vengar Post Reply
SEABASS THE FISH RELEASE THE FISH, BE WARNED I WILL TAKE OVER THE WORLD WITH MY ARMY OF FRIGGING SHARKS WITH FRIGGING SUBMARINES ON THEIR HEADS, I AM SOO THICK I DONT EVEN KNOW WHY I AM TYPING THIS IN CAPS, that's better well Amon you sick person you voted for animate dead heathen heathen, I wish I could see my grandad again though oh well
Heathen of god bad bad - Slaps - ^_^
and this wasn't even a reply

      Amon Post Reply
      Wutz that smell *sniff sniff* smells like VEGGIE!!!! AND HIS EVIL FISHES!!! MY EVIL INVISIBLE FLYING MONKEYS ATTTACCK WITH Level 12 SPAMING HATE MAIL!!!

      Amon Post Reply
      Wutz that smell *sniff sniff* smells like VEGGIE!!!! AND HIS EVIL FISHES!!! MY EVIL INVISIBLE FLYING MONKEYS ATTTACCK WITH Level 12 SPAMING HATE MAIL!!!

            Vegnaron Post Reply
            Now for the evil turnips rise my prettys rise rise
- Lets his turnips eat your monkeys -
they have infra vision to

                  Amon Post Reply
                  ARGH!!! The Turnips of DOOOOOM!!!!! Time for Secret plan X102002034342424562452 ^-^ the secret space alien that can kill everything in one touch!!!! So You lose i win go suck a lemon punk!

                        Vegnaron Post Reply
                        - Crys - I don't even like lemon time to counter that with that aliens worst nightmare,
muwahahahaha chase him away Muwahahaha

                              Amon Post Reply
                              I Think we should take this off UD Air Waves Veggie Before it gets nastage if u know what i mean! U Sick PEDIFIAL!!!

                                    Vegnaron Post Reply
                                    Im only a pedofile because you raped me when I was young and stole my MOJO but ya see I got a new one I stole it from my uncle satan years ago, so prepare to die with my ultimate being my last one to =\ - Opens the mojo making the one and only - AUSTIN POWERS, MICHEAL JACKSON and ELTEN JOHN, the ULTIMATE THREE SOME.

                                          Parnathon Post Reply
                                          MJ AHHHHHHHHHH CHILD HOOD MEMORIESSSSS *commits suicide*

                                                Silver Post Reply
                                                *Hides in the shadows* i hate mine and tried to kill my self too many times so it never worked *stabe stabe stabe* see not dead yet *falls ever dead*

                                                Vengar Post Reply
                                                HA HA I WIN I WIN - DANCES ON YOUR CORPSE, REALISES YOUR MY BROTHER -

                                                      Vegnaron Post Reply
                                                      The above posts were for your viewing pleasure hope you enjoyed our show, note us on what you thought about it we both hope you enjoyed it very much, with acnowlagement from drey we will gladly think of something else to make you laugh ^_^ Good night
Vegnaron has left the building

                                                      Amon Post Reply
                                                      *joins the party and casts level 34335453 newbie death power, and dies instantly from he radioactive heat*

Amon Post Reply
Well who wouldnt wanna be Invisible? Am I Right? There's so much Havok you could do to your worst enemies, like GIVE THEM ATOMIC WEDGIES, or make water squirt them in the face. And Ever wonder what the inside of the girls bathroom looks like, YOU GOT INVISIBILITY SO NOW YOU CAN FIND OUT!!!! Yea.... -.-'

      Vegnaron Post Reply
      Bro the only reason why you want that invisible spell is because You've never seen a girl naked in your life, Lmao, or have you, I doubt it, and Little kids don't count you dirty lil pedofillian or how ever you spell this as you can tell I can't spell so if you have any problems with that please note me on the game, (this is gunna make me popular) Aww and Im sorry girls Im not single anymore what a shame wait, I was supposed to be replying to this not making a note type thing oh well, Bro Your a crazy person if you read this please not I wasn't high I was drunk so please calm down and Any hate mail will be, Completly utterlie Accepted wooo ^_^ Anything to stop my ex's e-mails from getting through ^_^

                  Vengar Post Reply
                  Nooo my lovely fish my fish you will pay for that, my evil mutant butterflys will kill your monkeys fly my prettys fly fly MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

            Amon Post Reply
            *spams hate mail quickly ordering his evil invisible chimpsto type them* ^-^ anything for a fellow pedifial!

      Parnathon Post Reply
      And for those annoying people, or people who run the nation into the ground... Invisibility will help everyone but then we will have invisible terrorists running around killing people.. That is All!

Beldin Post Reply
I like the animate dead. I see dead things on the side of the road all the time. It kind of would be fun to have a pet zombie.

Phil Post Reply
I want locate object cause I lose shit all the time. If I had locate object roughly 20% of my daily stress would be releaved with me being able to find all of my stuff. Plus, all those things that I lost thoughout the years in my house I would finally be able to find. I've had to spen over $200 dollars on new keys for my car cause I tend to lose my keys. Plus, I could finally find that PDA I lost.

Eleria Post Reply
I fear the player that votes for animate dead, that's just sic, you're sic!

Thri Post Reply
Rain of seabass, No contest

      silver Post Reply
      being invs would be nice then people would leave me alone in real life but summon demon or rain of seebass would be nice

            Parin Post Reply
            *would rather have 'rain of platypus'* :P

                  silver Post Reply
                  that works too!!;)

Sleight Post Reply
Invisibility. Mmm.

Firich Post Reply
I thought about saying I'd go with portal, then realized I don't want people following me through my portal, so I decided I'd rather have rift.

      Parin Post Reply
      But what happens when you /want/ someone to come with you? walk into your friends house and say "Let's spend the weekend in Greece!" and they're like "Woo Hoo!" but then you realize "Drat! I only have rift! Sorry, dude. Looks like it's just me..." so you have to promise to send a postcard and bring back some really neato gifts otherwise they'll just pout and be mad that you offered them such a cool trip and then couldn't follow through. You wench.

            Thri Post Reply
            Then you would need Summon

c 'summon' Starbucks
c 'summon' 'roast beef dinner'

oo even better

c 'summon' moron
President Bush appears.

                  Parin Post Reply
                  Yes, summon would work. However, you only get ONE spell. Otherwise I'd go for...pretty much everything.