Does UD need forums? We have a player who has set something up at another site and if people really want forums, I could set something up on our own servers. I haven't seen the need, personally, to have anything beyond the in-game note system.

1 Forums? I thought everyone else was a mobile! 3
2 I'd use them if we had them. 8
3 I won't use them but I'm not against them. 8
4 I wouldn't use them if you made them. 0
5 No! Forums bad! Zug! Zug! 3
Votes cast: 22

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Drey Post Reply
Well, there doesn't seem to be an overwhelming cry of enthusiasm for a forum so I'm going to suggest that interested parties contact Demi and ask her for the address to the one she created.

Firich Post Reply
I just had to vote zug zug. But really, who needs a forum when we've got notes?

Demi Post Reply
Do we need a place for a forum? No. Would we like one? Not sure. But I feel it wouldn't hurt, even if it helps a few to get information in some depth, or simply discuss what interests them. For one, I am a ditz and have problems getting the notes to work right for me, and find forums user-friendly. And, a note gives a "snapshot" one-on-one, and isn't a discussion.

Anyway, forums come in many subjects by the thousands, and for INTERESTED parties, they are popluar. IMHO, they can't hurt.

Moreso, besides a forum, I think it would be fun to have a place where players could post small stories or character lore things.

Singko Post Reply
I try to give my voice on polls, but a forum might give me a chance to give suggestions, or throw random ideas, that people might find amusing or useful. A forum page could be a good thing for beginners, because we could have a Q&A forum or a Mob forum or a Skill forum, where players can make comments and tips on how or why certain stuff works. This could be an advancement from help file, where instead of guess what all the help request commands are, which arent always what you think they would be, or some that nobody knows about.

      Drey Post Reply
      There /is/ an IDEA command for leaving random ideas and suggestions.

delrake Post Reply
I'm fairly new to MUDs and UD in general, and I feel a little bad when I have to ask someone for help or advice on game mechanics or something like that. I think a forums where everyone can see what I ask (not just those online at the time) and where people can choose if and when to respond to my questions would be very nice (a "help" section?). Ciao :)

      singko Post Reply
      I would definately respond to any questions on how the game works or what not.

Kheldar Post Reply
Given the % of the playerbase that regularly votes in polls, and given the % of those players who post comments giving reasons and/or more feedback in addition to their vote, and given how anti-social people on the mud tend to be...I'm just not sure there's a need that the forums would fill. However, I might be pleasantly surprised if the opposite is true.