If we were to add a number of new areas -- or even if not -- would you support a rearrangement of the world geography to be less clustered, more evenly spread out, and more world-like? Perhaps even with more of a mind of having more similar cities embedded in clusters of similar-level areas with large space in between.

If any such change occurred, the map helpfiles would correspondingly change.

1 That'd be OK even without new areas 10
2 That would be OK only with some new areas 3
3 That'd be OK only with lots of new areas 2
4 That would not be OK; add onto existing world 3
Votes cast: 18

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Kheldar Post Reply
The results of this poll are on ice. All my energy is devoted to getting Scorn off the ground, and (perhaps regrettably, perhaps not) I can't make good on any promise to add or change content on UD.

Firich Post Reply
Ruin everyone's paths! Muwahaha!

singko Post Reply
I see nothing wrong with how things are right now. I don' think you should change where stuff is. 'if it isnt broke, dont fix it'. New areas: great, changeing around where places are: i wouldnt do a complete make over, I am not in favor or a complete revision. Some places are fine where they are, others are kinda just lumped in there, so if i remade anything, i would only clump lower level areas together, just cause newbies tend to wonder around getting killed, if it were structured more , i new people might like it, although i would have to deal with change, mostly i think it is up to the makers of the game, if it is an obvious imporvement of game play, then horray! my vote against wont stop change alone, which could be the wrong choice, really i would like to see ,. or hear more of how it would be layed out to make a final decision on whether or not i like it.

Demi Post Reply
Just as the universe expands like dots on an inflating baloon, then too, would it be natural here. The in-between spaces would then provide the visionaries with room for logical tie ins.

Risika Post Reply
Rearranging in a more logical-like manner would be swell. I hardcore suck at finding my way around, so it wouldn't be like learning anything new. Especially if it makes more sense 'cause then it'd be easier and ... yeah.