OK, here's an idea -- instead of futzing with time limits and flags, how about if clan equipment was the only equipment left on your corpse when you were PKed? All other equipment would go with you. Your PK Rating would still be affected, of course, and a small amount of gold would continue to be lost. This applies to PK only, of course; if you die to a mobile, your stuff will remain in the corpse with the lucky mobile who killed you.

1 Yes, this is all we need. 5
2 I suppose I could live with this. 6
3 This is more stupid then your other ideas. 0
4 Leave PK alone already, damn it! 0
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Drey Post Reply
This change has been implemented in the game. Watch for an upcoming change in the Multikilling rules.

Mungojerrie Post Reply
i think it sounds fine, but will their still be rules against Multikilling? or does this end all that?

      drey Post Reply
      I should add that if we implement this, there will not be a time limit that you are safe after being PKed. In this scenario, you've already been recalled back to a safe room with your equipment, so you can stay there until you're ready to go out again.

      bela Post Reply
      IMHO, with this in place, there wouldnt really be a reason to disallow 'multikilling'. If someone was -really- harrasing the hell out of a victim by just making it impossible for them to get anything done, the victim could just log off, or just sit in the pit and wait for them to get bored, or for someone bigger to come along and thwack them. I like this solution better than flags or time limits because it doesnt restrict anything anymore, just takes some of the burden off of the pk victim.

      Drey Post Reply
      This ends multikilling rules. You lose a trivial amount of gold and none of your non-clan equipment. If you're in a clan, you should expect to be a target every second of your life, unless your clan has some kind of alliance with the other clan.