Is anyone using the (obscenely realistic) slot machine anymore? If not, why? Would changing it to give out tokens redeemable for prizes make it more likeable?

1 Using now, would use with change 1
2 Using now, would not use with change 0
3 Not using now, would use with change 24
4 Not using now, would not use with change 2
Votes cast: 27

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Xico Post Reply
*Plays the Slot Machine Green Ooz seeping from a nice gash on his arm, a bottle of ale in his left hand*

      Gabriel Post Reply
      Whats this I see drinks near the slot machine I wont have any of that
- Gets drunk and smashes the bottle off the wheel of fortune -
- Charges at him -
I will stop you for this bad something Ooo
- Turns to really hot girl -
How you doing?

            Xico Post Reply
            -yells- YOU STOLE MY LINE YOU JERK -is wasted to the point of seeing billions of everything- YEA YOU OWE ME A GOLD COIN MANNN!!! -continues playing slots-

                  veroton Post Reply
                  Gold coin
Im a shaman what makes you think I have that much, I get bullied alot, now feel sorry for me or mr big tree will come after you, - Hugs his tree -
Prepare to die ooo I found a gold coin IM RICH!!!

                        Xico Post Reply
                        mmm tree -talks to the tree seductivly- How you doin baby doll? -talks to a post, starts mackin out with it- wow women ur very pointy... I likey!

                              Veroton Post Reply
                              Huh My tree, I can't believe your breaking up with me,
- The wind blows through the trees branches -
You thought I was that bad
- Crys - But I created you, it aint my charmie any more, I hate it when trees break up with me and leave me for bigger loosers-
- Crys - die mr X Imma show you how to treat a tree.

                                    Xico Post Reply
                                    Man you can have the tree. this women right here -indicates post riddled with knots and such- is lot better!!!!! now PREPARE TO BE ROBBED -casts pick pocket- HAHAHAHHa A GOLD COIN!!!! -stole a gold coin-

                                          Veroton Post Reply
                                          Nooooo my coin - takes half the coin and pulls -
I'll make you my love bunny if you leave it alone.
please help me
I want my coin
- Crys for mummy -
Mummy daddy Xico aint sharing again.

                                                Xico Post Reply
                                                -kicks him in the groin quickly- AH HAH FREE COIN -runs south quickly, his cloak flowing-
-runs into the room, the service lady clothes lining him as he goes. falls to the ground gagging- WUT WAS THAT FORRR???

-=-lady-=- you stole a shamans coin, you know there poor and we all pick on them so give it back.

NEVER ITS MINEEEEE -rolls to his feet, thousands of guards stomping in for there midday round- o no -curses loudly and for ages-

                                                      Veroton Post Reply
                                                      - Catches up with him -

- Falls to his knees and preys to the god's for mercy -

- Gets struck by lightning -
Ow that was painful
- Crys -
- Steals coin back - my lovly coin, thank you nice lady I love you so much - Hugs and kisses and stuff -
Sieze him guards!
- Watches the guards take my brother away to the masons, where they "DRILL" him with unholy power.
- Laughs in power as this happens -

                                                            Xico Post Reply
                                                            -goes with the guards silently, his cloak of shadows flowing around- so how is your day guards?

-=-guards-=- okay tell you showed up again...

Aww all this for little ol' me? -his hands in his cloak now moving in intricate shapes and stuff, casting a spell silently- So where you takin me?

-=-guards-=- to the masons, there gonna drill you with unholy powers...

O really.... -smoke envolopes the room quickly-

-=-guards-=- CATCH HIM. -=-other guards-=- WE CANT SEE ANYTHING

hehehe -sneaks back to the bar, a long wicked dagger being unsheathed quickly.-


-walks into the bar, and backstabs the shaman quickly, stealing his coin again-

singko Post Reply
I used it a few times, with the remaining change from spinning the wheel, so if you added some prizes to it, i would be more likely to pull more often

      silver Post Reply
      ya he has an idea there maybe tokens could be a prize or someting

Thri Post Reply
I think the biggest problem is.. for me at least.. is the gold per use is a bit low.

but then agian.. im not a big slots player, the game itself is a bit boring.. insert coin.. pull, repeat for 6 hours.

Maybe if you added roulette or poker? ;)

Bah poker would be lame.. only real thrill in poker is knowing its your real money, and not everyone has millions to back it up ;)

Roulette, blackjack, Pai gow, all pretty good =)

ok im rambling

      singko Post Reply
      A little low? since when do slots cost a lot?

Gotrek Post Reply
I used it for a while but then I needed the gold for other things and decided that playing it just to lose all my gold isn't worth it. If it gave some tokens it would be interesting. Maybe a big payoff that would give a few quest points or something too if lucky.

      Drey Post Reply
      Perhaps the saddest thing about my slot machine was I made it do accurate payoffs. This is why, in general, simulationist games aren't as fun.