For the basic quest system (see previous poll), I'm entertaining three possibilities for rewards for the completion of individual quests:
(1) quest points;
(2) gold;
(3) experience;
and I'd like to know people's opinion. What should you get for completing a single quest?

[The advantage for having experience be a reward is that questing could, at least partially, replace mob farming as a way to gain levels. Quest points are spent on special prizes.]

1 Quest points only 4
2 Quest points and gold 2
3 Quest points and experience 4
4 Quest points, gold, and experience 3
5 I like potatoes 1
Votes cast: 14

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Silver Post Reply
i dont like to pk and to me just mob killing is getting to slow there should be an other way to level. alone with exp and gold quest points is a good idea that people and get items or skills/spells thats they want

Thri Post Reply
Just quest points.

Simple fact, we could trade them in later for such things as xp/gold. Keep a standard currency, would be easier on the change in the economy after the addition of quests ;)

      Thri Post Reply
      Ok just saw your post lower kheld on not liking to 'Buy xp'

How about instead of 'buying' experience, you can buy pills of wotan? =) Same difference :P and its up to the player to determin how 'much' exp they gain.

Actually, better not make it blessing of wotan, make it just something that incresses apt, for balance's sake

            Kheldar Post Reply
            Because then you are not gaining levels by questing. You are questing to aid your mob farming. Giving experience carries the intent of partially replacing mob farming. Potions of wotan instead of [though this does not apply to 'in addition to'] experience bonuses does not facilitate this goal.

      Kheldar Post Reply
      I have more time to respond now. Your post contains two misconceptions. The first is that subjective quest difficulty increases with level. It may do so somewhat, but my goal is to have subjective -- relative -- difficulty of quests be approximately constant. Quest goal will be tailored to player level. The second misconception is that completing one quest will get you a prize. It will not. Each quest will give a small number of quest points. Prizes -- and in particular, good prizes -- will cost many times more quest points than one can gain from completing one quest. So in effect, all unique items will be rewarded for the completion of MANY quests.

I hope this clears things up.

            Kheldar Post Reply
            That was supposed to be in reply to Singko, not to Thri. My bad.

singko Post Reply
Quest Points>Gold>Exp
Difficulty of quest should reflect the the prize. I also think level of difficulty should be directly related to level of character. I do not think quest points should buy items (tokens). I think quest points should either be spent on Gold or Exp.. depending on the needs of the character. Rare items should be a reward for someone who has completed many, or one large and or difficult quest. This would keep low level characters from saving up many easy quest points to get tokens. Basically i think quest points should be used for gaining exp or gold, rare items should be a seperate reward.

      Kheldar Post Reply
      Quests will be the same relative difficulty regardless of level. More later

Dramikar Post Reply
Perhaps a toggle for quests; one for points, the other for exp. Might add variety to the types of quests generated?

Kheldar Post Reply
(1) Quest goal will be a function of player level, and will not be global. They will be individual. There will be no worry of legends beating out lowbies.

(2) The thought with XP, as mentioned, was that without it, one quests *instead of* leveling. This provides a way to level apart from farming mobiles, breaking up the monotony of the game (which many have complained about). Personally I don't like the idea of "buying experience", because I don't think it makes sense (apart from perhaps selling tokens of wotan).

      Kheldar Post Reply
      As a short addendum to my post, I'm taking any statements from legends about getting xp from quests with a grain of salt ;)

Gotrek Post Reply
Quest points and Gold seem to be the best. Experience isn't that big of a deal. Because lots of legends like me get wotan's tokens and give them to low levels or other to level when we get them. Don't know if they get to use them with a few thieves but they have chance. They can also group with people to get the xp also. Should be level restrictions on quests though so each level has a chance instead of just legends.

Phil Post Reply
I like potatoes, that's what I picked. Why?
I think that you should stick with quest points, but you should be able to spend quest points on exp or gold or special items. None of your choices really fit that, so I picked 'I like potatoes.' Not like that potato hating heathen Risika!

Risika Post Reply
I think quest points are all that is necessary because they could, legitimately, be used to purchase gold and experience. The only advantage I can see to having the experience separate from the quest points is that players that /need/ the experience would have a better chance at getting it because they'll be the only ones after the quest. If the quest points were all that was used, then the legends would probably beat out the noobs. Perhaps level restrictions? I dunno. I'm probably making this too complicated ... it's late ...

Raize Post Reply
I think only quest points are really nescessary, provided that these quest points will grant you access to restrings and other rarities.