Some MUDs have a "Questmaster" who gives players points for going and killing a specific mobile or acquiring a particular item. In such muds, points can be spent on special items, restrings, etc. Would such a thing be good for UD? The quests would be very basic, but it would give people new things to do, and, depending on the prizes, new goals toward which to aspire.

On the other hand, UD used to have unique quests tailor-made to the particular areas on UD. Such a system is possible, but would take longer to code since it would require adding unique content. Such a system is not guaranteed to be coded.

Please leave remarks in the comments regarding what sort of prizes would be interesting and appropriate, if you vote "yes".

1 Yes, UD should have a basic quest system 7
2 No, UD should have unique (not generic) quests 1
3 No, UD doesn't need quests 0
4 I like potatoes 3
5 UD should have both types of quest 11
Votes cast: 22

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Demi Post Reply
Quests stretch our little minds, and that's a fine thing.

From what I see for quest rewards, its all about tokens. Wotan tokens!. They seem to be the most scrambled for. Can be used to level, goldrun, or just plain currency or for trades.
Also, maybe a personalized 'wear' item (same values, just different wrapper) can be given.
When I Imm'd elsewhere, I used to give small quests for a favored (level-suited) item. The quest may have been to find a unique text (eg: the walls are closing in) in a room's description, and report where it is. Of course, those quests for more for encouraging exploring than the trinkets given.

Raize Post Reply
Yeah, I think there should at least be some sort of basic, generic quests. I was a little wary of quests before, because the last one had nearly impossible, vaguely worded quests that no one had any clue in hell how to accomplish. That coupled with the fact that most quests required a vast amount of exploring (Generally leading to ridiculously powerful aggro mobs decapitating people (There were no corpse retrievals either, and your entire kit went into your corpse, so basically if you died once it was all over)) meant that many perfectly good players could never hope to accomplish them. As long as this doesn't suffer the same fate, it looks good to me. Especially the part about somehow getting restrings for completing quests ;)

      Kheldar Post Reply
      Basic quests will not be as you worriedly described. Unique quests may very well be very difficult, vague, and multiply-stepped.

Phil Post Reply
I don't know about the rest of yous, but I would like to be able to win pracs. Perhaps because I am extremly lazy, but I still don't have all of the new monk skills. Yeah, so, it's laziness. I would also like to suggest a 'quest point' system, so that you could obtain points from quests and than spend them at a shop.

Something on another note of the quest system: I would suggest maybe some kind of time limit on quests, simply because those who are savy in the rifting and killing of every mob (even the hard ones) will have no problem with winning their quests in no time flat.

      Kheldar Post Reply
      The way I will probably do it is this: once given a quest, a player will have N minutes to complete it. If she fails (if N minutes pass), she can immediately request another. If she completes it in M < N minutes, she will have to wait N-M minutes to request her next quest. N will be of order 30.

The rift point is a good one; I will have to think about how to reconcile that.

singko Post Reply
Prize ideas: A statue in the game with the player name of who finished the quest, kinda like a morial/shrine/possibly a place to recall(pit) for only quest completers. A unique pet, or pets at the end of quests. Color tokens that let you select the color. Treasures/gold. A scroll that rifts you to puff the magic dragon. Have "scribes"? who give you quest, to find a piece of information, such as a scroll, that is generated at the start of the quest, he/she gives you a hint for a small fee, you return it to him and you recieve (depending on quest selection) scroll(s). thats all i could think of for now :)

silver Post Reply
hum... maybe a token that you can only have in the end you cant leave that place or logging out with out it being remove from your inventory, well on to what it should do eighter get you 2000 exp to level or it can get you an item you ask for but it has to be in your level range
well heres the morons idea

      singko Post Reply
      I think exp. tokens is a good idea

      Silver Post Reply
      well just got something to and a weapon call the grim repiers scythe

Risika Post Reply
I really wanted to put 'I like potatoes,' but that would be wasting my vote. Not to mention that I don't particularly like potatoes ... oh well. Point is, it sounds nifty. It would be a good way to get tokens for we lazy people who dislike searching for them (only to find out they're on the skull daemon >.<) and ... it's different ... and different is good. Yep. Good idea. And I /don't/ like potatoes.

Orta Post Reply
Not to promote another MUD on this page or anyhting, but are you looking into something similar to what Clandestine has/had (i don't know if that MUD is still around)?

      Kheldar Post Reply
      That's one of the muds that has such a basic quest system, yes. They and many other muds use a snippet by Vassago, that is not very well written. A basic system would be similar in many regards. Of course, if I coded it, it'd be infinitely superior ;D j/k

Kheldar Post Reply
Some prize ideas:
* unique skills/spells;
* access to levels higher than 55 (unobtainable with XP);
* restrings;
* renames;
* unique armour/weapons;
* potions/pills of hard to get spells (sanct, wotan);
* unique special items <your imagination here>;
* corpse retrievals;
* stats;
* pretitles;
* tokens;
* gold;

That's all I can think of off the top of my head.

Serivik Post Reply
Hmm... prizes...
Tokens, herbs, potions, random weapons and armor generated based on the player's level, extremely rare items (I can only think of restrings to fit this category, off the top of my head), gold...
No stat increases whatsoever and no pracs under /any/ circumstance, for obvious reasons.