I am thinking about changing these spells from the current form (when cast, you immediately attack yourself or the caster's weapons attack you) to a new form (an affect is placed on the victim and each melee attack they do, they might hit themselves; spells may also move to the wrong targets).

1 Change Confusion, Leave Witchblade 9
2 Change Witchblade, Leave Confusion 1
3 Change both of them 4
4 Change neither of them 2
5 Other; I will leave a note below 0
Votes cast: 16

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Drey Post Reply
Based on the comments here I've decided to NOT make any changes like this to either spell at this time. Instead, I've changed how both of them calculate damage (again) so that the weapons involved contribute to the damage but do NOT make up the bulk of it. I think we're going to see a more (fair and) balanced damage level from both of these spells now.

silver Post Reply
i would like to see some new skills for a templar

      Drey Post Reply
      Of course, this poll wasn't really about adding new skills...

Raize Post Reply
I wouldn't mind having witchblade be a little more like firebrand, so long as we get some new moves.

And Thri, you are so NOT the only Templar.

      Thri Post Reply
      And when was the last time you played Raize? We haven't even seen you in weeks, a whole clan AGE pasted while you were gone. I'm the only templar who really plays anymore. =)

Kheldar Post Reply
folks that are voting for 'leave witchblade', read my note below and remember that you can change your vote if you change your mind.

Drey Post Reply
Incidentally, I AM looking for fair opinions of this, and not "I hate so-n-so who has these spells, so what would screw him the most?"

Thri Post Reply
First off, im all for changing these spells ;)

Ok heres my thought for Templar specificly.

Templar have 3 attack spells/skills


Change witchblade to an offensive enchantment were left with only kick and fireball. neither of which are of any use for actually dealing damage, especialy the way current templar melee is at. (ie very low).
If this change were to take place, i would request an addition to our spell/skills which would give us some sort of MagicMelee ability to give us an attack for combat. Something simlar to the principle of witchblade (not like that but the same magic family idea)
Give us Dirt kicking, and an enhanced fireball spell (id say 1.5x damage normal fireball with double cast) True this second idea wouldnt give off the damage witchblade does now, but itd be fun, something more to do.

This way were not stuck out.. err i should say /I/'m not stuck since im the only templar :P stuck out in the cold in terms of dealing damage.

Agian Im all for the change.. but Templar specificly will be out of their only damage spell, thus need something to make up for the loss. (gypsies have fireseeds :P)


      Gamma Post Reply
      I agree with Thri.

If the change to Witchblade does take place, Templars are most definitely going to be left pissing up-wind. A new offensive spell would be in order.

Making Confusion a spell effect is an interesting concept. I can't speak for other gypsies, but I'd be willing to try it out. In terms of damage we do have fireseeds, as Thri said...we may not be doing ::HURTS:: damage but the damage would be more balanced. Perhaps fireseeds in battle would get a SLIGHT increase as some of you will be whining; though all in all I think the damage seems fine.

      Kheldar Post Reply
      Thri's right that witchblade is the only serious Templar attack; if Drey did this I could be persuaded to code a new spell for them.

            Drey Post Reply
            I personally fail to see why turning an immediate damage with WS and mana spell into a lingering damage with WS and mana spell is such a big deal...

                  Kheldar Post Reply
                  one reason is that fights are generally so short that a 'lingering damage' spell is only good in proportion to the speed in which the damage ensues; that being the case, a spell that does all its damage at once is ipso facto the best possibility.

                        Thri Post Reply
                        Aye, thats one of the main weaknesses of Mercenary, Veinslice theyre best damage spell takes too long to deal its damage =)

            kith Post Reply
            Ohhh New spell for Templars...'Flaming Colon' ?

                  Drey Post Reply
                  Flaming SPASTIC Colon maybe.