There wasn't a lot of participation in the levelling contest, I noticed. I'm putting some of the reasons I suspect down below. Please pick the one that comes closest to why you did not participate. If you choose "Other", please post a comment explaining why you chose that.

1 Didn't want to 0
2 Too hard to Legend 2
3 Too boring to Legend 5
4 Reward didn't sound good enough 0
5 No time for long contests 4
6 Other 1
Votes cast: 12

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Thri Post Reply
I did, a little, but Warriors and other melee classes are just so damned boring to level. Id rather have my teeth taken out with a pair of rusty pliers than to level a melee class ;)

Maybe if you did one with Mage, or Warlock or gypsy even =)

Firich Post Reply
It's really quite boring to level to legend. Mixed with my laziness, I decided I wasn't even going to give the quest a try.