Now that no-remove items are no-disarm instead, should the "swap" command I introduced to trade around armed weapons go the way of the dodo? Is anyone even using it?!

1 Used it; keep it 0
2 Used it; remove it 2
3 Didn't use; keep 1
4 Didn't use; remove 2
5 I am an angry gumball 7
Votes cast: 12

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Drey Post Reply
Sure are a lot of angry gumballs.

Thri Post Reply
How about you can set it for multiple configs.
Ie, Sword/shield/Holder (item x, y and z)
then 'swap' to
Sword/Sword (item A, B)

Personaly, for me, since i use numpad to move, and 1 is SW (southwest, which doesnt exist ;) it just annoyes me at times, but with Noremove, it sorta defeats the purpose as it is now.

Gotrek Post Reply
I used it and kept having it mess up on me. Then I was informed that you had to have both weapons wielded to swap them for the other. If I did that I would have had to remove my shield, and hold item then swap them and put them back on in a fight. Wasn't worth the hassle if I mistyped. Now with Nodisarm I can remove the weapon instead of having to heal curse or wield a weapon that was noremove first.

Random Post Reply
"If it isn't broken, don't fix it."

      Drey Post Reply
      I think it MIGHT be broken actually but can't prove that it contributes to item duping issues.