Is PK Rating, in fact, too worthless to live?

1 Yes 9
2 No 3
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Drey Post Reply
The players have spoken -- and for once, I listened. ;)

PK Rating is no more.

Risika Post Reply
I like PKrating. Why, you ask? Because it's a nice ego boost. It may be mildly useless, but it isn't like it /hurts/ anything. Besides, without PKrating, how would Eclipse decide how much it costs to kill someone, eh?

      Gotrek Post Reply
      There is always the Top Ten player kills.

Dramikar Post Reply
The rating system as it is fluctuates too much and seems to be a sore spot at times. But, even though it seems pointless, it is rather nice to have something to work towards. If it stays, I'd suggest a fixed amount to win or lose much like chess ratings (and Y! to some extent). If a yearly tally is going to be kept, I'd hate to see the old records go -- perhaps have two different stats.

Sleight Post Reply
I know some of you don't much like PKrating. But I've always enjoed knowing that I'm one of the best, if I remain with a decent pkrating. I've always looked at it as a goal, It maybe worthless, but I think alot of players make it a goal to set themseleves above the rest via pkrating.

      Drey Post Reply
      There's always the total kills. Heck, I could even be persuaded to reset those all to 0 so people have to start over again. ( Stats should probably be zeroed yearly anyhow )

            singko Post Reply
            I would be upset if total kills were zero. It is a good stat to have a full history of. If i didnt have that stat i would have no clue how many people i have killed and who else is catching up with my history in the making.

singko Post Reply
PKrating doesnt mean much, but it isnt totally worthless. If it were replaced with a similar rating system, such as a karma levels, karma goes down as you pk more, when you destroy clans and when you steal.

      Drey Post Reply
      Hmm ... PK Rating is only meant, like Yahoo! Ratings, to represent how good you are at PK compared to everyone else. Your suggestion is different from what PK Rating was meant to be.

            singko Post Reply
            I just like haveing a rating on something, it makes the game more competitive.