Should we ban Thri to make the game more stable? He's the one causing all the crashes, you know...

1 Yes 6
2 No 2
3 I am Thri 3
Votes cast: 11

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Orta Post Reply
Thri killed my dad!

Drey Post Reply
Some of you really need lessons in recognizing a joke. Thri is not being banned. This was a joke poll. Why else would there be an "I am Thri" option?

Gotrek Post Reply
Is it Thri or is it something like telnet scroll causing it to crash? Despite what people would have thought. I vote no for banning Thri. Yes, his past catches up with him but he is another player on a mud with little players.

lucipher Post Reply
I'm skitzophrenic...
delete thri dont be nice and bann!! anything to creat problems! NO!! don't do it DON'T DO IT its not thri's fault....oh no I... I can't take it GRRRRRRRR......

Beldin Post Reply
Damn Thri to hell. Or if he ever gets on again I vote for severe punting. I think that quite a few people would agree. :)

Thri Post Reply
Damn you all to hell if you vote yes.

      Risika Post Reply
      It's ok. I heart you, Thri. However, I'm also your evil twin. *cackle*

            Firich Post Reply
            You mean triplet, right?

      Sleight Post Reply
      Looks like I'm going to hell..

            Gotrek Post Reply
            Voting just because he destroyed your clan and because he is aggresive towards you shouldn't count in your vote. Telnet would be the culprit. He is just one user of it. Many others use it. Despite Thri's use of it and it crashing when he is on he shouldn't be banned for it.

      Firich Post Reply
      What if we are you, though?