OK, this is a simple poll, 2 options, use the comment boards if you want to: should we bring back PK flags? OK, 4 options, choose wisely.

1 I want flags and I want to PK 8
2 I do not want flags and I want to PK 4
3 I want flags and I do not want to PK 1
4 I do not want flags and I do not want to PK 0
Votes cast: 13

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bela Post Reply
Wow. lot of feedback on this one. I feel compelled to respond to some of the things that have been mentioned already, but my response is likely to be much too lengthy for this forum. Perhaps Ill just post it all up on the main page and see if we can set up comments on it.

      drey Post Reply
      Sounds like a poll with no options. I can look at doing that.

Tek Post Reply
I think putting pk flags back in would turn this place back into a game instead of a filthy murder hole.

laquien Post Reply
BLAH BLAH, Leave it like it is

Clerica Post Reply
How could you possibly want to eliminate or further restrict PK on a stock MUD whose only appeal is the challenge other players bring to the table? After conquering the same boring zones you have to run 200 times to get to 50, the only thing to look forward to is killing other people. Do not restrict PK; along with the clan system, it is the only reason to play here.

Thri Post Reply
Aye i Agree with Bevis, it is a Good system, but with the current system it would need some intagretion changes as well to other skills. (steal, remove curse)

However there is one other problem, the way it use to be way you could only get a PK flag by attacking others witha PK flag. In essense this was a good idea, however what happens where there is no one with a PK flag around? ;) Perhaps make it mandatory at level 45/50 or something that you become a PKer, OR have a way to Turn your PK flag on at any time you wish (like train PK or something) so that you can turn it on when your ready.

      Drey Post Reply
      My thoughts on this:

1) Can go PK by MURDERing someone already a PKer.
2) Can go PK by going to the guildmaster and registering.
3) Can go PK by joining a clan (sorry Blue Rose).
4) Can go PK at the whim of the Imms (sorry whiney people).

There could always be other ways as well.

Bevis Post Reply
I always thought this was a great system.

      Drey Post Reply
      Which system? The one we have now (anyone over 5 is a victim) or the one where you have to optionally go rabid?

            Bevis Post Reply
            The one where you have to optionally go rabid.

            Bevis Post Reply