Some players of UD know about the <a href=>Bartle Quotient</a>, a 'personality typing' based on how you play MUDs. It ranks the tester in four categories: Explorer, Socializer, Achiever, Killer. We're curious to see how the players of UD rank on this scale. So go <a href="">take the test </a> (it's fun -- but be honest!) and let us know the results! Note: it's probably best to take the test before you look at the statistics so that you don't bias the results in a particular way.

So which are you?

UPDATE: Oh yeah, I forgot to mention to answer as /yourself/ and not as your character on UD. That is, answer for yourself as a person and not going off of how you see yourself on the MUD.

1 SEA 8
2 ESA 6
3 EAS 4
4 KAE 4
5 KAS 4
6 AKE 1
7 AES 1
8 SEK 1
9 ESK 3
10 ASE 0
11 KEA 3
12 AKS 2
13 ASK 4
14 SAE 3
15 EAK 0
16 SKE 2
17 KSE 1
18 AEK 1
19 KES 1
20 KSA 2
21 EKA 1
22 SAK 2
23 SKA 4
24 EKS 0
Votes cast: 58

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Drakan Post Reply
Imma KAS? Cool

Raikuma Post Reply

Thri Post Reply
Ok, this is odd, I re-took the test last week, and agian this week, and both times i got KASE. wtf? Achiver? How.. in 2 months, did i go from KSEA, to a KASE? Ok.. im scared..

Parin Post Reply
I went from AES to AEK. Weird.

      Drey Post Reply
      This change occurred after the recent clan destruct-a-thon?

Orlin Post Reply
SAE... Never really saw that one coming.

Thri Post Reply
Wheres the option for some new polls? ;)

Caliban Post Reply
KSEA baby, Fear me

Parin Post Reply
AES here. Though, Achiever and Explorer had the same score, as did Socializer and Killer. Woooo

kith Post Reply
I'm an ESK :)

      Kheldar Post Reply
      hey, me too!

Demi Post Reply
ESA...........I'm so passive, its disgusting! More too, I thought some of the questions had only 'mean' answer options, lol. All I like to do is 'splore and plod.......hunting the elusive lump of coal, in the Lost Coal Mine (Dwarves are fond of mines - and this Dwarfess is not smart enough to prefer diamond mines.

      Drey Post Reply
      If you're an ESA, Demi, you're in good company. ;) (ESA also)

      singko Post Reply
A E and S were the same percentage

            Drey Post Reply
            Singko, that's ... that's weird or something.

Firich Post Reply
Me a socialaizer? That can't be right... :P

Kheldar Post Reply
Reading the results:

If you don't take the test, the result is the order in which you ranked, leftmost being highest.
E = Explorer
S = Socializer
A = Achiever
K = Killer.

Obviously the fourth letter is whichever is left out, and is ranked the lowest.

      lucipher Post Reply
      I achieve stuff too, can't I be KESA?

      Nadia Post Reply
      I just giggled when I took the personality quiz because its very much me when I play MUDs. Its cool tho because I have Socializer or however you spell that word. Maybe that's why it took me a year and half to get to legend...

            Sleight Post Reply
            Meh. KSA. Damn me to hell. All of you. Do it.