Would you be interested in 2+ player games of StarCraft organized among players of UD?

1 Yes 11
2 No 3
Votes cast: 14

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Drey Post Reply
OK, it looks like there would be interest (in fact, this poll should have had one option only -- why vote if you don't want to play? :p) Unfortunately, my life is a little more busy now then when I asked but I'll probably arrange something in the future. I may also release the names of this poll so people can work games out between themselves.

Aghar Post Reply
Hey Serivik!!! I agree that you probably suck, but for a different reason. You wont even try to win that is why you suck now me i suck, but i try =P so why don't you play me when we all play? C'ya

Serivik Post Reply
Aeris can play against me, since I suck! =P

Orta Post Reply
Boo... Boo!!

Firich Post Reply
Woo for Star Craft. I find it very hard to suck at it, though. :P

Aeris Post Reply
Starcraft, while amusing, is something I suck at ... hardcore. However, Serivik claims I won't suck if I play, so I give. Hopefully there is someone else who sucks who I can play. :P

singko Post Reply
Anyone seen the new starcraft? it looks cool! If i ever find a better connection, i am down for Star Craft

      Drey Post Reply
      "The new Starcraft?"

Do you mean the Brood War expansion (not new) or the upcoming first-person shooter, Ghost?

            Firich Post Reply
            Star-craft? What is this craft of star? You mean we've discovered how to make our own stars?! Wow. Technology /is/ great...