Pick your favorite.

1 Led Zeppelin 15
2 The Who 5
3 Huh? 2
Votes cast: 22

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duo Post Reply
I dont know about you guys but Metallica kicks A$$

Aeris Post Reply
I will not deny that Zeppelin wasn't necessarily much more than simply music, but it has an undeniable longevity and, being the musician that I am, I'm forced to appreciate things for the musical, and not cultural value. Zeppelin wrote more rockin' guitar riffs than any other band did and has since then. Besides, the rathergood.com version of The Immigrant Song is bitchin' awesome.

      Drey Post Reply
      Ah, we're measuring this on how many other musicians have ripped off -- er, borrowed -- guitar riffs from the band ... in that case, yes, Led Zeppelin definitely beats down The Who.

            Aeris Post Reply
            Writing good riffs doesn't mean just other bands ripping them off. If that were the case, some lame-o punk band would be the best band ever.

Kheldar Post Reply
Saying you like Zepplin (or the Beatles) is like saying that you like Pabst Blue Ribbon. It'll get you drunk, sure, but jesus christ is it bad compared to something that with actual cultural value. Hence; The Who, on the principle of being contrary.

Random Post Reply
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