So, what was the best multi-player first-person-shooter of all-time?

1 Quake 6
2 Quake 2 0
3 Quake 3: Arena 3
4 Quake 3: Team Arena 0
5 Team Fortress 1
6 Counter Strike 2
7 Unreal Tournament 0
8 Unreal Tournament 2003 0
9 Tribes 0
10 Tribes 2 0
11 Halo 3
12 Planetside 0
13 Other (post a comment too) 1
Votes cast: 16

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Drey Post Reply
Quake wins!

Orta Post Reply
CS is the soil in Kheldar's boxers, and the 4 month old cheese stuck behind "roll #8"... it is horrible but none the less it is the best

Aeris Post Reply
I had to do it. I haven't played all of said games, but I /adore/ CS. I suck, but I love it. And it isn't just me that likes it either! So HAH! At least Orta agrees with me...

Gotrek Post Reply
Loved Quake and still love it.

Firich Post Reply
My "other" vote goes to Urban Terror. It was fun. You all should try it. Yeah...go do that...

      Drey Post Reply
      I debated posting that Q3A mod in the poll actually but decided against it. New version out today, incidentally, 3.0b.

      Firich Post Reply
      Just for clarification, I liked Quake as a game more than Urban Terror, but I prefer Urban Terror for multiplayer. Just though I might clear up some confusion.

Random Post Reply
Quake 1 is the best, by far.
I pwn at TFC. I led a clan to the top 5 on OGL a few years back. *flex*

Orta Post Reply
CS rules... I own in CS. Kordoch is really good too (I think we're about even). If you ever want to play just tell one of us and we'll wipe the floor with your punk ass.

      Aeris Post Reply
      *highfives Orta* Good choice.