Are clan alliances too worthless to keep?

1 Yes 8
2 No 3
Votes cast: 11

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Drey Post Reply
Based on the votes above, clan alliances are leaving. Maybe they'll be back someday in a manner that actually means something.

Carla Post Reply
I'd suggest keeping them just change it so that the other clans don't have access to the place. Let them help protecting from the outside or better yet keep the other clan away from the clan allied pit.

As to not having wars. It is correct it doesn't happen but it's a good way to help a new clan that is starting out from the likes of those that like to destroy new clans.

      Drey Post Reply
      The only point of allies is to enter the clanhold and not cause harm. If I'm going to remove that then there's no point in displaying "ally" on the clan page -- it's only as good as a verbal alliance anyhow.

Sabriel Post Reply
They're just unused it seems. I have seen all of two alliances the whole time I've played here. No use in keeping something that isn't used.

parin Post Reply
we no longer have clan wars, so there isn't a reason to have alliances. not that i know of, anyway.