Well, I've closed the poll on IF you remove untribute because people seem to like it -- they just want it to hurt more. Right now it's 1% loss and I did that just because people were using their clan like a bank account for auctions. So, let's increase it!

UPDATE: Final tally, after deleting some people for double-voting, was to make it 50%.

1 Lose 10% 1
2 Lose 20% 3
3 Lose 30% 1
4 Lose 40% 0
5 Lose 50% 5
6 Lose 60% 0
7 Lose 70% 0
8 Lose 90% 0
9 Lose 100% 1
Votes cast: 11

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Drey Post Reply
Just so everyone knows, I'm going to go with the minimum acceptable to the majority. What that means to be is right now 3 people have voted for 50%, 1 for 30%, 3 for 10%. Since 50% and 10% are tied with 3 votes, I'll go with 30% -- because it has 1 vote and the 3 people wanting 50% would likely settle for 30% before they'd settle for 10%.

      Drey Post Reply
      Ooh! Missed the 1 vote for 100% The 100%er would likely settle for 50%, giving it "4" votes. Unless the voting changes, 50% is what it sounds like its going to be.

Mistwalker Post Reply
50% is reasonable to me. And for Koldarg's if you start a clan you shouldn't be able to untribute the gold. That would work for a clan that was wanting to war. But if there were clans that earned respect from other and didn't want to war with anybody. How would they go about removing their clan if they decided to leave? I know of players that don't like it when a clan goes and they don't get gold back for it. Yes, I am sure there will be clans that are started for other reasons besides wars.

      Koldarg Post Reply
      Well, Like i said, if you want to make a clan, i say you should settle in for the long haul. Don't make a weak clan one day, only to realize you don't like it and want to tear it down. It seems pointless and makes more work for drey ;)

Koldarg Post Reply
Like i said on the if poll, no clan untribbing. you better want that dang clan, or leave and take it out yourself ;)